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Picture of Circulation Desk

*  Circulation Desk
If you needs to check out/in materials or request searches for books that you cannot find on the shelf, you come here and we will help you.

Picture of  New Books Area

New Books  *
This area displas new books/DVDs for 7days.  Welcome to place your hold on those items through online or circulation desk!

Picture of  Information Search Area with five computers

*   Information Search
There are five computers for you to do quick catalog, database look-ups, printing, and scanning. You can scan the paper document into PDF file through digital copier.

Picture of Reference Collection Area

Reference Collection  *
All encyclopedia set , English and foreign language dictionaries, maps, thesaurus, and tool manuals are here for you to use.

Picture of Copier Services Area

*   Copier Services
We have a color copier and digital copiers for you to scan into PDF files.

Picture of  Current Journals Area

Current Journals  *
Western, Japanese, and Chinese current journals/issues are here and are non-circulating.

Picture of Magazines Area

*   Magazines Area
Holds about 70 different kinds of magazines . All can check out for 7 days except current issues.

Picture of  Back Issues Area

Back Issues  *
All the past issues of Western, Chinese Journals and magazines are on these stacks.

Picture of Books Area

*   Books Area
All books can be checked out for one month. All checked out items are subject to be recalled after a hold request is put by other users. If an item is recalled,it should be returned within a week.

Picture of Reading Area

Reading Area  *
There are 20 seats and each with one lamp attached for users to read and study.

*  Wireless Network
Wireless Network is available everywhere. You can select 『AS-Guest』and register to use wirelessnetwork.