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The Life Science Library (LSL) was established in May 1996 with a goal to provide better service and enhance more efficient use of resources for the Institutes of the Division of Life Sciences, including Institute of Molecular BiologyInstitute of Biological ChemistryInstitute of Biomedical ScienceInstitute of Plant and Microbial BiologyInstitute of Cellular and Organismic BiologyAgricultural Biotechnology Research CenterGenomics Research Center and Biodiversity Research Center. The LSL is located on Ecological Exhibition Center (a.k.a. Eco Pavilion). It houses over 23,000 volumes, 1800 journal titles, 52,000 bound journals, and more than 20 databases. It has more than 20 readers' seats and features facilities. The Library is continuously expanding relevant collection to support scientific community in Taiwan. The services go beyond the traditional to include document delivery and education services ranging from brief orientations to broad or specialized classes. The Library is open to all in Academia Sinica and the public.