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Purchase Request Form

  • The fields with the mark are all mandatory fields when using the on-line new books recommending system. If the purchasing cost of new books have to be paid from the Book Fee budget of a particular principal investigator in Division of Life Sciences, then the principal investigator will be informed by the LSL first. The LSL will wait for the approval of the principal investigator before purchasing process begins. Finally, the LSL will always perform the reviewing process to decide whether or not to purchase the new books.
  • It requires 3 principal investigators to sign the recommending forms for new journal / database. Please remember to describe the recommended reasons in the forms. The forms will be sent to the reviewing committee held yearly for the approval.
  • Recommend for Bioinformatics database/tool, please see acquisition principles
Purchase Request Form
Personal Information
If you have recommended before, please fill in email only; otherwise, fill in all infomation
Acquisition Information
Please fill out the reason at the bottom if you recommend a specific journal / database
(Optional for journal/database recommendation)
(We will purchase for newest edition if not specified)
(Required for journal/database recommendation)