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Due to cancellation of some scholarly journals, Life Science Library is launching a new document delivery serviced. Please login SSO Integrated Services to send your article request out and Life Science Library will fulfill your request.
  • Reason:
    • If you cannot find articles in LSL, please use LSL Document Delivery Service
  • How to Apply:
    • Click LSL Document Delivery Service to login by your email and complete your request. We've simplified the procedure that you can just apply with PubMed ID or DOI number
  • Working Days:
    • If your request can be found in libraries in Taiwan, we complete in around 1-3 days. In other hand, we shall apply with oversea libraries via RAPID ILL system; it'd take around 3-5 days
  • Fee:
    • Life Science Library is promoting LSL Document Delivery Service now and will not charge at this moment. However, we'll evaluate again after the trial period of RAPID ILL System