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IPA Database

IPA Database Terms of Use
Terms of Use
LSL bought two concurrent user license only for the Institutes of the Division of Life Sciences in Academia Sinica. Please do not share the userid/password with others, as this may interfere with your login.

In order to use this database, You must HAVE:

 1. sinica email(Apply sinica email if you do not have)
  2. library record(Apply library record if you do not have)

* Reserve for IPA
* I want to apply an account in order to make a reservation  ( If you have any question, please contact Ms. Kuo Tel : +886-2-2789-9840 or Email : Email to Ms. Kuo )
* Install IPA Client (Install once at the beginning)
* You can login into IPA at http://www.ingenuity.com

* If you have any questions about IPA, please contact Ms. Chien Hung (Specialist) ( Tel : +886-2-2795 1777 x 3027 or Email : Email to Ms. Chien Hung about IPA ) Mr. Russ Yin ( Tel : +886-2-2795 1777 x 3023 or Email : Email to Mr. Russ Yin about IPA )