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E - Books

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L&B(Library & Book)


L&B digital library is the leading ebook platform, provides the unprecedented Chinese and English eContent globally. L&B ebooks allows you to adapt your need by accessing more than business, Chinese linguistics/ culture /philosophy… and many more.L&B digital library system features: Easy to use, faster and flexible

  • Powerful search functions including simple, advanced, full-text and keyword
  • Comprehensive ability to navigating subjects and titles
  • 24x7 unimited access and unlimited multiple concurrent users
  • Citations to books, books introduction, books table of content ensures that extensive research resources are available to the patrons and then link to fulltext
  • Direct link from table of content to the fulltext
  • OpenURL compliance provides seamless integration with library systems, for easier retrieval of fulltext
  • No check in or check out
Order List: manual 32_6.xls file image (2011-2015)
User's Guide: manual 32_8.pdf file image (2015)


Order List: manual 50_4.xlsx file image (2018/10/19)

ABC-CLIO & Greenwood

Introduction:ABC-CLIO with a 50+ year legacy of excellence and innovation and Greenwood Publishing Group founded in 1967 are International academic publishers focusing on History, Art & Humanities , and Social Science for librarians and educator. Many of print titles and digital products are recognized with annual awards from Library Journal, Choice, Booklist, and the American Library Association. On October 1, 2008, ABC-CLIO became the publisher of Greenwood Publishing Group’s imprints and titles and the integrated ebook platform is launched on September 17, 2009. There are about 6000 ebooks digitized by ABC-CLIO/Greenwood now, selected from high-quality, authoritative, scholarly titles also including of Praeger and Libraries Unlimited. In 2015, Taiwan Academic Electronic Books Consortium purchased 76 ABC-CLIO/Greenwood titles. The full text can be viewed by internet browser directly without installing any other software.
Order List:ABC-CLIO & Greenwood manual 9_10.xlsx file image (2018/11/28)
User's Guide:ABC-CLIO & Greenwood manual 9_9.pdf file image (2015)

ACS(American Chemical Society) Publications

Introduction: American Chemical Society (ACS) is the world’s largest scientific society and one of the world’s leading sources of authoritative scientific information. A nonprofit organization, chartered by Congress, ACS is at the forefront of the evolving worldwide chemistry enterprise and the premier professional home for chemists, chemical engineers and related professions around the globe.
Order List:ACS(American Chemical Society) Publications manual 2.xls file image (2016/12/12)


Introduction:Bentham Science publishes eBooks in all areas of Science, Technology, Medicine. Bentham's eBooks provide professionals, academicians, corporate researchers, graduates and undergraduates worldwide with the most current information in their subject areas of interest. Bentham's eBooks are also available in the ePub and Kindle formats besides the PDF edition. 
Order List:Bentham manual 52_2.xlsx file image (20181210)
User's Guide:Bentham manual 52.pdf file image (201811210)



Cambria Press is an independent academic publisher based in Amherst, New York. The publishing company was established by 2006, with its first titles released in September of that year. Cambria publishes academic monographs and new titles by scholars in a wide range of research fields, initially issuing approximately 50 titles per year. Cambria's academic and professional research titles undergo a peer-review process prior to final acceptance, and the publisher stipulates that its authors hold an appropriate terminal degree in their respective fields.

Order List:Cambria manual 46_1.xls file image (2015)
User's Guide:Cambria manual 46.pdf file image

Cambridge Core


Cambridge University Press is one of the largest and most prestigious academic publishers in the world and we are widely respected as a world leader in publishing for subjects as diverse as astronomy, Shakespeare studies, economics, mathematics and politics.

Cambridge Core offers predefined or bespoke collections of content within a richly functional, fully searchable online environment.

Access to Cambridge Core is available to libraries worldwide under a number of attractive and flexible models, ensuring instant access to the best research available.

With online access to unique, indispensable and extensive scholarly content, Cambridge Core will offer all levels of user a new dimension of access and usability to support and enhance research.

Key Features

  •  Thousands of front & backlist titles
  •  Dynamic content and feature set, with frequent addition of new titles and regular functionality enhancements
  •  Titles from across all Cambridge world renowned subject areas
  •  Flexible purchase plans and custom packages
  •  Powerful quick search, advanced search and browse capabilities
  •  Comprehensive library support tools including downloadable MARC records, usage reports and access & authentication methods
  •  Compliance with all major industry standards and initiatives
  •  Extensive user functionality including hyperlinked references & personalisation features
  •  Dedicated customer support teams
  •  Enhanced discoverability tools
Order List:Cambridge Core manual 11_8.xlsx file image (2018/9/28)
User's Guide:Cambridge Core manual 11_6.pdf file image (2016)

De Gruyter

Introduction:The independent academic publisher De Gruyter can look back  at a company history of over 260 years. Today, the De Gruyter  group publishes over 1,300 new titles each year in the humanities, STM and law, more than 650 subscription based or Open Access journals, and a variety of digital products. The company is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Basel, Beijing, Boston  and Munich.
Under its umbrella brand De Gruyter, the company runs the  imprints of De Gruyter Akademie Forschung, Birkhäuser,  De Gruyter Mouton, De Gruyter Open, De Gruyter Oldenbourg, and De Gruyter Saur.
Order List:De Gruyter manual 38_2.xls file image (2014-2016)
User's Guide:De Gruyter manual 38_1.ppt file image

eBooks on EBSCOhost(原NetLibrary)

Order List:eBooks on EBSCOhost(原NetLibrary) manual 17_2.xls file image (2008-2010)
User's Guide:eBooks on EBSCOhost(原NetLibrary) link image (Downloading) | eBooks on EBSCOhost(原NetLibrary) link image | eBooks on EBSCOhost(原NetLibrary) link image

ELS: encyclopedia of life sciences

Introduction:eLS (formerly known as the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences) is a monthly-updating reference work containing over 4,900 specially commissioned, peer-reviewed and citable articles written by leaders in the field. It offers comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the life sciences for students, lecturers and researchers alike.


Introduction:ScienceDirect make sure your users get a broad and deep perspective, all from one single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Browse or search content lists, indexes or full text
  • Access as much information as the task requires by choosing to view the full-text PDF or HTML with linked references. Multimedia features such as video and audio available for select book content
  • Build, save and re-run searches as well as combine saved searches
  • Link quickly and easily to and from book content and journal articles, to other publishers’ platforms via CrossRef
Order List:Elsevier manual 4_7.xlsx file image (2018/11/28)
User's Guide:Elsevier manual 4_6.pdf file image (2015)


Introduction:Emerald eBook Series Collections bring together over 1,000 volumes and more than 130 book series in two key fields.
Commissioned from leading academics and authors, each collection offers a breadth of relevant, quality content combined with the ease and accessibility of electronic access. Featuring high impact, topical and usable research, they are a must have for anyone wanting to extend their knowledge in these fields
Order List:Emerald manual 36_8.xls file image (2011-2015)
User's Guide:Emerald manual 36_7.doc file image (2015)

Gale Virtual Reference Library


Gale Virtual Reference Library-GVRL is the platform containing reference works in various subjects published by Cengage Learning-Gale and more than 40 other more publishers’ publications.  The main sources are from the leading Encyclopedias, Yearbooks, Guide Book, Series Titles and etc.  The related areas are then from Arts, Biography, Business, Education, General Reference, History, Law, Literature, Multicultural Studies, Nation and World, Religion, Science to Social Science.In 2015, Taiwan Academic Electronic Books Consortium purchased 10 Gale ebooks. The full text is in HTML and PDF format. 
Key Updates on GVRL Platform

  • Add-on Speaker Reader(Available mp3 for Online broadcast or Personal download)
  • Add-on Multiple-languages Translations
  • Add-on Subject Search
  • Presented by articles, like a database. No more find information pages by pages.
  • No limit for concurrent users / page to print / times to download.
Order List:Gale Virtual Reference Library manual 14_5.xls file image (2009-2015)
User's Guide:Gale Virtual Reference Library manual 14_4.pdf file image (2015)
Online Training: Gale Virtual Reference Library online training media image

IG library


iG Publishing established in Singapore since 2005, iG Publishing works with more than 100 reputable publishers to represent their brands. The company is the leading provider of eBook collections in the region with over 40,000 titles covering all disciplines. iG Publishing has an experienced team of specialists who work with publishers, university presses, professional societies and associations to build eBook collections. We go out of our way to find rare books and those that are not easily available, transforming them into eBooks.

Order List:IG library manual 45_3.xlsx file image (2018/11/21)
Online Training: IG library online training media image (2015)


Introduction:InfoSci-Books, created and named by the publisher IGI Global, include more than 1400 Information Technology and Computer Sciencee related ebooks with subjects covering Database Technologies, Education Technologies, E-Government, Intelligent Technologies, Knowledge Management, Medical, Multimedia Technologies, Security Technologies, Social Technologies, and Software Technologies. In 2015, Taiwan Academic Electronic Books Consortium purchased 193 InfoSci-Books titles. The full text is in HTML and PDF format and the save as, printing and copy-paste is unlimited
Order List:InfoSci manual 25_9.xlsx file image (2018/11/28)
User's Guide:InfoSci manual 25_8.pdf file image (2015)
Online Training: InfoSci online training media image (20171219)

IOS Press Books Online

Introduction:IOS Press is an international STM publisher, established in 1990. In 2016, Taiwan Academic Electronic Books Consortium purchased 21 IOS ebooks of subject including Assistive Technology Research, Artificial Intelligence, Administrative Sciences, NATO Security through Science Series, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series, NATO Science Series, Urban & Architectural Engineering, Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, Health Technology and Informatics and so forth. The full text is in PDF format and the platform provides Browse by Subject, Browse by Title, and Search functions.
Order List:IOS Press Books Online manual 15_6.xlsx file image (2018/11/28)
User's Guide:IOS Press Books Online manual 15_5.pdf file image (2015)


Introduction:Books at JSTOR offers over 20,000 ebooks from renowned scholarly publishers, integrated with journals and primary sources on JSTOR's easy-to-use platform.
Essential content: Titles in disciplines such as business, economics, and the humanities from key publishers—Princeton University Press, Yale University Press, MIT Press, and more.Unlimited, DRM-free access option: 13,500+ titles available in an unlimited-user model, allowing unlimited downloading and printing of DRM-free chapters.
Order List:JSTOR manual 42_3.xls file image (2014-2015)
User's Guide:JSTOR manual 42_2.pptx file image (2015)


Introduction:Karger collections cover all different area in the biomedical field. More than 40 series available to you that providing the latest scientific research results as well as the most novel discovery and development in the clinical practice. All the series are composed and edited by the medical experts in the related field and all topics are related to the current issue happens in the world.

Since 1890, Karger specialized in the publication of Medical and Scientific books, and most of them are also include in Medline. Karger’s books play an important role on the dissemination of professional medical knowledge, including the contribution in the development of nephrology, respiratory research, and sports medicine. We have also covers novel topic such as dynamic mechanical genome evaluation and will continue to keep our commitment on providing the latest research results.
Order List:Karger manual 34_7.xlsx file image (20181210)
User's Guide:Karger manual 34.pdf file image
Online Training:Karger manual 34_6.wmv file image


Introduction:McGraw-Hill Education is a learning science company and one of the "big three" educational publishers that provides customized educational content, software, and services for pre-K through postgraduate education. The company also provides reference and trade publications for the medical, business, and engineering professions.
Order List:McGraw-Hill manual 31_8.xls file image (2010-2015)
User's Guide:McGraw-Hill manual 31_10.pdf file image (2015)



Ingram offers a single source for content hosting, archiving, discovery, access and purchasing. Academic, professional and public libraries around the world get access to nearly 400,000 titles from leading publishers. Adding 5,000 titles per month, MyiLibrary is the fastest-growing and most comprehensive online e-content platform for libraries on the market today 

With MyiLibrary, you can:

  • Access content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world
  • Download to personal readers
  • Cross-reference material
  • Save searches
  • Create bookmarks
  • Add notes
Order List:MyiLibrary manual 16_1.xls file image (2008-2009)

NCBI bookshelf

Introduction:NCBI Bookshelf provides free access to books and documents in life science and healthcare. A vital node in the data-rich resource network at NCBI, Bookshelf enables users to easily browse, retrieve, and read content, and spurs discovery of related information.


Introduction:Collection of essential professional reference from the leader of medical publisher, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, and the largest, most influential nursing professional organization, American Nurses Association, it provides libraries, within the limited funding, the most competitive pricing and quality. It gives Clinical physicians, nurses, and residency the most complete, reliable, and updated resources, medical updates, development, and information.
Order List:OVID manual 18_3.xlsx file image (20181210)

Oxford Scholarship Online

Introduction:Oxford Scholarship Online(OSO) is a vast and rapidly-expanding research library. Launched in 2003 with four subject modules, Oxford Scholarship Online is now available in 20 subject areas and has grown to be one of the leading academic research resources in the world. Oxford Scholarship Online offers full-text access to academic monographs from key disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, science, medicine, and law, providing quick and easy access to award-winning Oxford University Press scholarship.
Oxford Scholarship Online currently provides instant access to the full-text of over 8,000 academic monographs in 20 subject areas, covering the humanities, social sciences, medicine and law.
Order List:Oxford Scholarship Online manual 19_2.xls file image (2008-2014)
User's Guide:Oxford Scholarship Online link image

Peter Lang

Introduction:The Peter Lang Publishing Group has over 40 years of experience in academic publishing, specializing in the humanities and social sciences worldwide and publishing  more than 1,800 titles every year.
The Peter Lang Group enjoys a unique niche position in the industry and is dedicated to offering top quality publishing services to Higher Education institutions and academics, with complete commitment to the worldwide dissemination of academic research Using modern technology tools.
Order List:Peter Lang manual 51.xlsx file image (2018/9/28)

Project Muse

Order List:Project Muse manual 44_2.xls file image (2013)
User's Guide:Project Muse manual 44.pdf file image

ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest is passionate about partnering with librarians to deliver on the evolving needs of researchers worldwide and developing innovative ebook offerings in a rapidly changing landscape. In 2015, ProQuest Ebook Central integrated the strengths of the EBL and ebrary platforms with new functionality. 
Order List:ProQuest Ebook Central manual 47_8.xlsx file image (2018/11/21)
User's Guide:ProQuest Ebook Central manual 47_5.pdf file image


Introduction:SAGE Knowledgeis the ultimate social sciences online library for students and researchers at all levels—undergraduates, post-graduates, teachers, and professors. With over 4,400 award-winning titles from SAGE Books, SAGE Reference, CQ Press, and Corwin, the platform offers an interdisciplinary social science book and reference titles published from 1994 to the current day with annual frontlist upgrades.
Order List:SAGE manual 20_8.xls file image (2008-2015)
User's Guide:SAGE manual 20_6.pdf file image (2015)



Springer Science+Business Media (springer.com) is a leading global scientific publisher, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R & D departments with quality content via innovative information products and services. Springer is also a trusted local-language publisher in Europe –especially in Germany and the Netherlands. Roughly 2,000 journals and more than 7,000 new books are published by Springer each year, and the group is home to the world’s largest STM eBook collection, as well as the most comprehensive portfolio of open access journals.
In 2015, Palgrave Macmillan and Springer have decided to align their eBook collections, collating all Palgrave Connect eBooks on SpringerLink and adding thousands more to the Springer Book Archives, as a result of the recent combination of Macmillan Science and Education and Springer Science+Business Media to create Springer Nature.

Order List:SpringerLink manual 22_1.xlsx file image (2018/09/13)
Online Training: SpringerLink online training media image


Introduction:SpringerProtocols is the largest subscription-based online database of reproducible laboratory protocols in the biomedical and life sciences. Compiling protocols from the book series Methods in Molecular Biology and other sources, SpringerProtocols offers researchers access to nearly thirty years of tested, trusted, step-by-step protocols for immediate use in the lab. With an emphasis on comprehensiveness and clarity, each protocol is organized in an easily reproducible recipe style. Protocols are written by experts in the field and are reviewed by editors distinguished in their specific subject areas, as well as by our prestigious editorial board. SpringerProtocols is an invaluable resource for the modern research laboratory.
Order List:SpringerProtocols manual 6.xls file image (updated 20160331)

Taylor & Francis

Introduction:Taylor & Francis eBooks features high quality content, including authoritative references from world-renowned and award-winning authors, across thousands of titles. Library users can access millions of pages of rich content from a full range of academic disciplines – from Archaeology to Veterinary Medicine. T&F’s eBook portfolio includes over 20,000 titles in the 30 key eCollections of the Humanities, Social Sciences and STM from some of the world’s leading imprints Taylor & Francis, Routledge, Psychology Press, and CRC Press. In 2018, Taiwan Academic Electronic Books Consortium purchased 138 volumes. Fulltext is viewed by PDF reader without any download and installation.
Order List:Taylor & Francis manual 39_11.xlsx file image (2018/11/29(CRC)) | Taylor & Francis manual 39_10.xlsx file image (T&F(2018/11/28))
User's Guide:Taylor & Francis manual 39_4.pdf file image (2015)


Order List:Thieme manual 43.xlsx file image (2013)

Wiley Online Library

Introduction:Wiley Online Library hosts the world's broadest and deepest multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities. It delivers seamless integrated access to over 4 million articles from 1500 journals, almost 10,000 online books, and hundreds of reference works, laboratory protocols and databases.
Order List:Wiley Online Library manual 7_11.xlsx file image (2018/10/22)
User's Guide:Wiley Online Library manual 7_13.pdf file image (2018/10/30(百科))
Online Training:Wiley Online Library manual 7_8.mp4 file image | Wiley Online Library manual 7_14.mp4 file image


Introduction:Woodhead Publishing Online is a resource of over 1,030 e-books containing 18,000 chapters designed primarily for access by the academic library and research community.
We are proud to work with over 10,000 world class editors and authors who contribute to our content, published in niche areas of Materials Science and Engineering; Food Science, Technology and Nutrition; Textile Technology; Energy and Environmental Technology; Biomedicine; Biomaterials; Mathematics and Lipids. Our Chandos Publishing Online is a unique resource of over 350 e-books, provide the best source of authoritative information for Library Science and Information Management professionals and researchers worldwide. In 2014, TAEBDC purchased 63 Woodhead/Chandos titles, now hosted on ScienceDirect of Elsevier. The full text is in PDF format and the save as, printing and copy-paste is unlimited
Order List:Woodhead manual 40_1.xlsx file image (2013-2014)
User's Guide:Woodhead manual 40.pdf file image

World Scientific


World Science and Technology Press (World Scientific Publishing Company) was founded in 1981 by two Nobel laureate, CN Yang and Abdus Salam. The company’s headquarter is located in Singapore, after nearly three decades of growth, it has became as one of the world's leading academic publishers and the largest international scientific publisher in the Asia-Pacific region. It now publishes more than 450 books and 125 journals a year in various fields of science, technology, medicine, business, economics and keep abreast of the latest scientific developments, provide the most popular information to the user.

Order List:World Scientific manual 8_6.xlsx file image (2018/9/28)
User's Guide:World Scientific manual 8_5.ppt file image