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Western Journals

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Total: 596 Records

'C' Western Journals Lists
Title Type Vol
CA: A cancer journal for clinicians EJv.1(1950)-
Cactus and succulent journal EJv.77(2005)-
Calcified tissue international EJv.27(1979)-
PFormerly: Calcified tissue research
Calcified tissue research EJv.1(1967)-v.26(1978)
PContinued by Calcified tissue international
California agriculture EJv.1(1946)-
Canadian entomologist EJv.135(2)(2003)-v.139(2007)
Canadian geriatrics journal EJv.14(2011)-
Canadian journal of agricultural economics EJv.1(1952)-
Canadian journal of animal science EJv.37(1957)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Canadian journal of biochemistry EJv.42(1964)-v.60(1982)
Canadian journal of biochemistry and cell biology EJv.61(1983)-v.63(1985)
Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology EJv.32(1954)-v.41(1963)
Canadian journal of botany EJv.79(2001)-v.85(2007)
Pv.38(1960)-v.81(2003) [lack v.57(14), v.75(1, 2, 4, 6-12)]
PContinued by : Botany
Canadian journal of chemical engineering EJv.80(2002)-
Canadian journal of chemistry EJv.79(2001)-(with a 12 Month delay)
Canadian journal of dietetic practice and research EJv.59(4)(1998)-
Canadian journal of earth sciences EJv.38(2001)-
Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences EJv.53(1996)-v.71(2014)
Pv.37(1980)-v.49(1992), v.61(2004)[lack v.49(9-10)]
Canadian journal of forest research EJv.31(2001)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Canadian journal of genetics and cytology Pv.1(1959)-v.28(1986)
Canadian journal of microbiology EJv.47(2001)-(with a 12 Month delay)
Pv.6(1960)-v.49(2003) [lack v.11(3), v.16(7-12)]
Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology EJv.76(1998)-v.85(5)(2007)
EJv.79(2001)-(with 12 Months delay)
Pv.62(1984)-v.81(2003) [lack v.73(8)]
Canadian journal of plant science EJv.37(1957)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Pv.40(1960)-v.89(2)(2009) [lack v.75, v.76(1, 3), v.77(4), v.84(1)]
Canadian journal of soil science EJv.37(1957)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Canadian journal of zoology EJv.79(2001)-(with a 12 Month delay)
Pv.38(1960)-v.69(1991) [lack v.45(2), v.57(10)]
PContinues: Canadian journal of research. Section D, Zoological sciences
Canadian medical association journal EJv.1(1911)-v.133(1985)
PContinued by: CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association Journal
Canadian pharmacists journal EJv.145(2012)-
Canadian plant disease survey EJv.1(1927)-
Pv.62(1982)-v.74(1994), v.75(1)(1995), v.76(1)(1996)
Cancer EJv.1(1948)-
Pv.14(1961)-v.20(1967), v.55(1985)-v.78(1996) [lack v.65(3), v.76(10)]
Cancer & metabolism EJv.1(2013)-
Cancer and metastasis reviews EJv.1(1982)-
Cancer biochemistry biophysics Pv.11(4)(1990)-v.15(1997)
Cancer biology & medicine EJv.4(3)(2007)-
Cancer biology & therapy EJv.1(2002)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Cancer biotherapy EJv.8(1993)-v.10(1995)
PFormerly: Selected cancer therapeutics
PContinued by: Cancer biotherapy and radiopharceuticals
Cancer biotherapy and radiopharmaceuticals EJv.11(1996)-v.29(2014)
PFormerly: Cancer biotherapy
Cancer causes & control EJv.1(1990)-v.54(2014)
Cancer cell EJv.1(2002)-
Cancer cell & microenvironment EJv.1(2014)-
Cancer cell international EJv.1(2001)-
Cancer cells Pv.1(1-4)(1989), v.2(1990)-v.3(1991)
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology EJv.1(1978)-
Cancer clinical trials EJv.1(1978)-v.4(1981)
Cancer cytopathology EJv.81(1997)-
Cancer detection and prevention EJv.26(2002)-v.32(2009)
Cancer discovery EJv.1(2011)-
Cancer drug delivery EJv.1(1983)-v.4(1988)
PContinued by: Selective cancer therapeutics
Cancer epidemiology EJv.33(2009)-
Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention EJv.1(1991)-
Cancer gene therapy EJv.6(1999)-v.22(11)(2015)
Cancer genetics EJv.204(2011)-
Cancer genetics and cytogenetics EJv.1(1979)-v.203(2010)
Cancer immunity EJv.7(2007)-
Cancer immunology and immunotherapy EJv.1(1976)-v.13(2)(1982)
PContinued by: Cancer immunology, immunotherapy
Cancer immunology research EJv.1(2013)-
Cancer immunology, immunotherapy EJv.13(3)(1982)-
PFormerly: Cancer immunology and immunotherapy
Cancer informatics EJv.1(2005)-
Cancer investigation EJv.19(2001)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Cancer letters EJv.1(1975)-
Cancer management and research EJv.1(2009)-
Cancer medicine EJv.1(2012)-
Cancer nanotechnology EJv.1(2010)-
Cancer prevention research EJv.1(2008)-
Cancer research EJv.1(1941)-
Cancer science EJv.79(1988)-
PFormerly: Japanese journal of cancer research
Cancer translational medicine EJv.1(2015)-
Cancer treatment communications EJv.1(2013)-v.3(2015)
Cancer treatment reviews EJv.1(1974)-
PIncorporating Evidence-based Oncology
Cancer/Radiothérapie EJv.1(1997)-
Cancers EJv.1(2009)-
Candollea EJv.65(2010)-
Carbohydrate polymers EJv.26(1995)-
Carbohydrate research EJv.266(1995)-
Pv.16(1971)-v.265(1994) [lack v.24(2), v.33-35]
Carbon EJv.33(1995)-
Carcinogenesis EJv.1(1980)-
Cardiology in review EJv.1(1993)-v.11(2003)
Cardiology research and practice EJv.2009(2009)-
Cardiovascular and interventional radiology EJv.3(1980)-
Cardiovascular diabetology EJv.1(2002)-
Cardiovascular diseases EJv.1(1974)-v.8(1981)
PContinued by: Texas Heart Institute journal
Cardiovascular drug reviews EJv.15(1997)-v.26(2008)
Cardiovascular drugs and therapy EJv.1(1987)-
Cardiovascular pathology EJv.1(1992)-v.16(2007)
Cardiovascular psychiatry and neurology EJv.2009(2009)-
Cardiovascular radiation medicine EJv.1(1999)-v.5(2004)
Cardiovascular radiology EJv.1(1978)-v.2(1979)
Cardiovascular research EJv.1(1967)-
Cardiovascular revascularization medicine EJv.6(2005)-
Cardiovascular therapeutics EJv.26(2)(2008)-
Cardiovascular ultrasound EJv.1(2003)-
Caribbean journal of science EJv.43(2007)-
Case reports in dermatology EJv.1(2009)-
Case reports in gastroenterology EJv.1(2007)-
Case reports in medicine EJv.2009(2009)-
Case reports in nephrology and urology EJv.1(2011)-
Case reports in neurology EJv.1(2009)-
Case reports in oncology EJv.1(2008)-
Case reports in pancreatic cancer EJv.1(2015)-
Castanea EJv.69(2004)-
Catalysis letters EJv.1(1988)-
Catalysis science & technology EJv.1(2011)-
Catalysts and catalysed reactions EJno.1(2002)-
Catena EJv.1(1973)-
Catheterization and cardiovascular diagnosis EJv.37(1996)-v.45(1998)
PContinued by: Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions
Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions EJv.46(1999)-
PFormerly: Catheterization and cardiovascular diagnosis
Cbe life sciences education EJv.5(2006)-
PFormerly : Cell biology education
Cell EJv.1(1974)-
Cell and bioscience EJv.1(2011)-
Cell and chromosome EJv.1(2002)-
Cell and tissue research EJv.148(1974)-
Cell biochemistry and biophysics EJv.27(2)(1996)-
PFormerly : Cell biophysics
Cell biochemistry and function EJv.14(1996)-
Cell biology and toxicology EJv.1(1984)-
Cell biology education EJv.1(2002)-v.4(2005)
PContinued by : CBE Life Sciences Education
Cell biology international EJv.17(1993)-v.33(2009)
PFormerly: Cell Biology International Reports
Cell Biology International Reports EJv.1(1977)-v.16(1992)
PContinued by: Cell biology international
Cell biology international reports EJv.18(2)(2011)-
Cell Biophysics EJv.1(1979)-v.27(1)(1995)
PContinued by: Cell biochemistry and biophysics
Cell calcium EJv.1(1980)-
Cell chemical biology EJv.23(2016)-
Cell communication and adhesion EJv.4(1997)-v.22(2015)
Pv.12(2005)-v.18(2011)[lack v.15(4)]
Cell communication and signaling EJv.1(2003)-
Cell cycle EJv.1(2002)-
Cell death & disease EJv.1(2010)-
Cell death and differentiation EJv.4(1997)-
Cell death discovery EJv.1(2015)-
Cell differentiation EJv.1(1972)-v.24(1988)
Cell differentiation and development EJv.25(1988)-v.32(1990)
Cell division EJv.1(2006)-
Cell growth and differentiation EJv.1(1990)-v.13(9)(2002)
Pv.1(1990)-v.9(1998) [lack v.4(1), v.7(6-8, 10)]
Cell host & microbe EJv.1(2007)-
Cell metabolism EJv.1(2005)-
Cell motility EJv.1(1980)-v.5(1985)
PContinued by: Cell motility and the cytoskeleton
Cell motility and the cytoskeleton EJv.6(1986)-v.66(2009)
PFormerly: Cell motility
PContinued by: Cytoskeleton
Cell preservation technology EJv.1(2002)-v.6(3)(2008)
PContinued by: Biopreservation and biobanking
Cell proliferation EJv.30(1997)-
Cell regeneration EJv.1(2012)-
Cell regulation EJv.1(1989)-v.2(1991)
PContinued by: Molecular biology of the cell
Cell reports EJv.1(2012)-
Cell research EJv.1(1990)-
Cell stem cell EJv.1(2007)-
Cell stress and chaperones EJv.1(1996)- (with a 6 Month delay)
Cell structure and function EJv.1(1975)-
Cell systems EJv.1(2015)-
Cell transplantation EJv.18(2009)-
Cell, genetics and molecular biology EJv.20(2009)
CellBio EJv.1(2012)-
Cells EJv.1(2012)-
Cells tissues organs EJv.1(1945)-v.160(1997)
Cellular and molecular biology Pv.29(1983)-v.38(1992)
Cellular and molecular biology research Pv.39(1993)-v.41(6)(1995)
Cellular and molecular gastroenterology and hepatology EJv.1(2015)-
Cellular and molecular life sciences EJv.53(1997)-
PFormerly: Experientia
Cellular and molecular neurobiology EJv.1(1981)-
Cellular immunology EJv.1(1970)-
Cellular logistics EJv.1(2011)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Cellular microbiology EJv.1(1999)-
Cellular oncology EJv.26(2004)-
Cellular physiology and biochemistry EJv.1(1991)-v.7(1997), v.15(2005)-
Cellular reprogramming EJv.12(2010)-v.29(2014)
PFormerly: Cloning and stem cells
Cellular signalling EJv.1(1989)-
Central nervous system trauma EJv.1(1984)-v.4(1987)
PContinued by: Journal of neurotrama
Cephalalgia EJv.16(1996)-v.29(2009)
Cereal chemistry EJv.79(3)(2002)-v.90(2)(2013)
Cereal foods world EJv.47(5)(2002)-
Cerebral cortex EJv.1(1991)-
Cerebrospinal fluid research EJv.1(2004)-v.7(2010)
Cerebrovascular diseases extra EJv.1(2011)-
Chang Gung medical journal 長庚醫誌EJv.25(2002)-v.35(2012)
Channels EJv.1(2008)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Chelonian conservation and biology EJv.5(2006)-
Chem-bio informatics journal EJv.1(2001)-
Chembiochem EJv.1(2000)-
Chemical and biological technologies in agriculture EJv.1(2014)-
Chemical and engineering news EJv.76(32)(1998)-
Chemical biology and drug design EJv.67(2006)-
PFormerly : Journal of peptide research
Chemical communications EJno.1(1996)-
Chemical engineering journal and the biochemical engineering journal EJv.56(2)(1995)-v.65(1)(1997)
Chemical health and safety EJv.6(1999)-v.12(2005)
Chemical physics EJv.190(1995)-
Chemical physics letters EJv.232(1995)-
Chemical record EJv.1(2001)-
Chemical research in toxicology EJv.1(1988)-
Chemical reviews EJv.1(1924)-
Chemical science EJv.1(2010)-
Chemical senses EJv.1(1974)-
Chemical society reviews EJv.1(1972)-
Chemical speciation & bioavailability EJv.1(1989)-
Chemical vapor deposition EJv.1(1995)-
Chemico-biological interactions EJv.94(1995)-
Pv.16(1977)-v.23(1979), v.71(4)(1989)-v.93(1994)
Chemie der Erde - Geochemistry EJv.62(2002)-
Chemie in unserer zeit EJv.34(2000)-
Chemistry & biodiversity EJv.1(2004)-
Chemistry & biology EJv.1(1994)-v.22(2015)
Chemistry and physics of lipids EJv.1(1966)-
Chemistry central journal EJv.1(2007)-
Chemistry of materials EJv.1(1989)-
Chemistry of natural compounds EJv.1(1965)-v.32(1996)
EJv.39(2003)-(with a 12 Month delay)
Chemistry: a European journal EJv.1(1995)-
Chemistry: an Asian journal EJv.1(2006)-
ChemistryOpen EJv.1(2012)-
Chemmedchem EJv.1(2006)-
Chemoecology EJv.1(1990)-
Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems EJv.27(1995)-
Chemosphere EJv.1(1972)-v.29(1994)
EJv.30(1995)-v.31(1995), v.62(2006)-v.74(2008), v.78(2010)-v.93(2013), v.118(2015)-v.165(2016)
Chemphyschem EJv.1(2000)-
Chemsuschem EJv.1(2008)-
Chesapeake science EJv.1(1960)-v.18(1977)
Chest EJv.118(2000)-v.127(1)(2005)
Child & youth care forum EJv.20(1991)-
Child & youth care quarterly EJv.16(1987)-v.19(1990)
Child and adolescent mental health EJv.2(1997)-
Child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health EJv.1(2007)-
Child care quarterly EJv.1(1971)-v.15(1986)
Child development EJv.68(1997)-
Child development perspectives EJv.1(2007)-
Child psychiatry and human development EJv.1(1970)-
Child's nervous system EJv.1(1985)-
Childhood Obesity EJv.6(4)(2010)-v.10(2014)
Chimerism EJv.1(2010)- (with a 12 Month delay)
China agricultural economic review‎ EJv.1(2009)-(with a 12 Month delay)
Chinese birds: an international journal of ornithology EJv.1(2010)-v.4(2013)
Chinese chemical letters EJv.18(2007)-
Chinese drug monographs and analysis Pv.3(2001)-v.7(2006) [lack v.6(30-34)]
Chinese journal of analytical chemistry EJv.34(2006)-
Chinese journal of chemistry EJv.23(2005)-
Chinese journal of digestive diseases EJv.1(2000)-v.7(2006)
PContinued by: Journal of Digestive Diseases
Chinese journal of integrated traditional and Western medicine 中国中西医结合杂志EJv.3(1997)-v.8(2002)
Chinese journal of integrative medicine 中国结合医学杂志EJv.9(2003)-
Chinese journal of physiology 中國生理學雜誌EJv.41(1998)-
Pv.25(1982)-v.48(1)(2005) [lack v.27, v.30(1), v.31, v.40, v.44(2), v.45(4)]
Chinese journal of radiology 中華放射線醫學雜誌EJv.1(1976)-
Chinese journal of traumatology EJv.11(2008)-
Chinese medicine EJv.1(2006)-
Chinese medicine EJv.1(2010)-
Chinese pharmaceutical journal (中華藥學雜誌) 中華藥學雜誌EJv.52(2000)-v.59(1)(2007)
Chirality EJv.8(1996)-
Chirurgia plastica EJv.1(1971)-v.8(1986)
Chromosoma EJv.1(1939)-
Chromosome botany EJv.1(2006)-
Chromosome research EJv.1(1993)-
Chromosome science EJv.12(2009)-
Cilia EJv.1(2012)-
Circulation EJv.1(1950)-
Circulation research EJv.1(1953)-
Cladistics EJv.1(1985)-v.30(2014)
Clean: soil air water EJv.26(1998)-
Climacteric EJv.6(3)(2003)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Climatic change EJv.1(1977)-
EJv.20(1992)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Clinica chimica acta EJv.1(1956)-
Clinical & developmental immunology EJv.10(2003)-
Clinical & experimental metastasis EJv.1(1983)-
Clinical & translational immunology EJv.1(2012)-
Clinical anatomy EJv.9(1996)-
Clinical and applied immunology reviews EJv.1(2000)-v.6(2006)
Clinical and diagnostic laboratory immunology EJv.1(1994)-v.12(2005)
PContinued by : clinical and vaccine immunology
Clinical and diagnostic virology EJv.1(1993)-v.10(1998)
PContinued as Journal of Clinical Virology
Clinical and experimental allergy EJv.27(1997)-
Clinical and experimental dermatology EJv.22(1997)-
Clinical and experimental hypertension EJv.22(2000)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Clinical and experimental hypertension (1978) EJv.1(1978)-v.3(1981)
Clinical and experimental hypertension A EJv.A4(1982)-v.A14(1992)
Pv.A8(1986)-v.A9(1987), v.A13(1991)-v.A17(1995)
Clinical and experimental hypertension B EJv.B1(1982)-v.B11(1992)
Pv.B1(1982)-v.B6(1988), v.B9(1990)-v.B11(1992)
Clinical and experimental immunology EJv.79(1990)-
EJv.1(1966)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Clinical and experimental medicine EJv.1(2001)-
Clinical and experimental ophthalmology EJv.28(2000)-
PFormerly: Australian and New Zealand journal of ophthalmology
Clinical and experimental optometry EJv.80(1997)-
Clinical and experimental pharmacology and physiology EJv.1(1974)-
Pv.1(1974)-v.6(1979), v.17(1990)-v.22(1995), v.28(5-7)(2001) [lack v.21(2), v.22(11)]
Clinical and investigative medicine EJv.20(1997)-
Clinical and laboratory haematology EJv.19(1997)-v.28(2006)
PContinued by: International journal of laboratory hematology
Clinical and molecular allergy EJv.1(2003)-
Clinical and translational gastroenterology EJv.1(2010)-
Clinical and translational medicine EJv.1(2012)-
Clinical and translational radiation oncology EJv.1(2016)-
Clinical and vaccine immunology EJv.13(2006)-
PFormerly: Clinical and diagnostic laboratory immunology
Clinical biochemistry EJv.1(1967)-
Clinical biomechanics EJv.1(1986)-v.22(2007)
Clinical cancer research EJv.1(1995)-
Clinical cardiology EJv.2(4)(1979)-
Clinical chemistry EJv.1(1955)-
Clinical chiropractic EJv.6(2003)-v.10(2007)
Clinical cornerstone EJv.1(1998)-v.8(2007)
Clinical drug investigation EJv.15(1998)-v.35(6)(2015)
Clinical effectiveness in nursing EJv.1(1997)-v.9(2006)
Clinical endocrinology EJv.46(1997)-
Clinical epigenetics EJv.3(2011)-
Clinical ethics EJv.1(2006)-
Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology EJv.1(2003)-
Clinical genetics EJv.1(1970)-
Clinical imaging EJv.13(1989)-v.31(2007)
Clinical immunology EJv.90(1999)-
PFormerly known as Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology
Clinical immunology and immunopathology EJv.1(1972)-v.89(1998)
PContinued as Clinical Immunology
Clinical immunology newsletter EJv.1(1981)-v.14(1994)
Clinical implant dentistry and related research EJv.1(1999)-
Clinical infectious diseases EJv.1(1979)-
Pv.14(1992)-v.19(1994), v.44-45(2007)
Clinical investigator EJv.70(1992)-v.72(1994)
PFormerly: Klinische Wochenschrift
PContinued by: Journal of molecular medicine
Clinical journal of pain EJv.1(1985)-v.19(2003)
Clinical kidney journal EJv.5(2012)-
Clinical linguistics and phonetics EJv.11(1997)-
Clinical lipidology EJv.11(2016)-
Clinical Mass Spectrometry EJv.1(2016)-
Clinical microbiology and infection EJv.3(1997)-v.20(2014)
Clinical microbiology newsletter EJv.1(1979)-v.29(2007)
Clinical microbiology reviews EJv.1(1988)-
Clinical molecular pathology EJv.48(1995)-v.49(1996)
PContinued by: Molecular pathology
Clinical neurology and neurosurgery EJv.77(1974)-v.109(2007)
Clinical neuropharmacology EJv.1(1976)-v.26(2003)
Clinical neurophysiology EJv.110(1999)-
PFormerly known as Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology; Incorporating Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology/Electromyography and Motor Control and Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology/Evoked Potentials Section
Clinical neurophysiology practice EJv.1(2016)-
Clinical neuroscience research EJv.1(2001)-v.6(2007)
Clinical nuclear medicine EJv.1(1976)-v.28(2003)
Clinical nutrition EJv.1(1982)-v.21(2002)
Clinical nutrition supplements EJv.1(2004)-v.2(2007)
Clinical oncology EJv.1(1989)-v.19(2007)
Clinical oral implants research EJv.8(1997)-
Clinical orthopaedics and related research EJv.466(2008)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Clinical otolaryngology EJv.30(2005)-
PFormerly : Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences
Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences EJv.21(1996)-v.29(2004)
PContinued by: Clinical otolaryngology
Clinical ovarian and other gynecologic cancer EJv.5(2012)-v.7(2014)
Clinical pediatric emergency medicine EJv.1(1999)-v.8(2007)
Clinical pharmacology & therapeutics EJv.1(1960)-
Clinical physics and physiological measurement EJv.1(1980)-v.13(1992)
PContinued by: Physiological measurement
Clinical physiology EJv.1(1981)-v.21(2001)
Clinical physiology and functional imaging EJv.22(2002)-
PFormerly: Clinical physiology
Clinical plasma medicine EJv.1(2013)-
Clinical practice and epidemiology in mental health EJv.1(2005)-
Clinical proteomics EJv.1(2004)-
Clinical psychological science : a journal of the Association for Psychological Science Pv.3(6)(2015)
Clinical psychology & psychotherapy EJv.1(1997)-
Clinical psychology review EJv.1(1981)-v.27(2007)
Clinical psychology: science and practice EJv.4(1997)-
Clinical radiology EJv.11(1960)-v.57(2002)
Clinical research and regulatory affairs EJv.18(2001)-v.33(2016)
Clinical respiratory journal EJv.1(2007)-
Clinical reviews in allergy EJv.1(1983)-v.12(1994)
PContinued by: Clinical reviews in allergy and immunology
Clinical reviews in allergy and immunology EJv.13(1995)-
PFormerly : Clinical reviews in allergy
Clinical rheumatology EJv.1(1982)-
Clinical sarcoma research EJv.1(2011)-
Clinical science EJv.94(5)(1998)-v.115(2008)
PFormerly: Clinical science and molecular medicine
Clinical teacher EJv.1(2004)-
Clinical techniques in small animal practice EJv.13(1998)-v.22(2007)
Clinical therapeutics EJv.17(1995)-
Clinical toxicology EJv.43(2005)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Clinical transplantation EJv.13(1999)-
Clinical update EJv.11(2)(2003)-v.15(2007)
Clinics in dermatology EJv.1(1983)-v.25(2007)
Cloning EJv.1(1999)-v.3(2)(2001)
PContinued by: Cloning and stem cells
Cloning and stem cells EJv.3(3)(2001)-v.11(2009)
PFormerly : Cloning
PContinued by: Cellular reprogramming
CMAJ : Canadian medical association journal EJv.134(1986)-
PFormerly : Canadian Medical Association journal
CNS drug reviews EJv.3(1997)-v.13(2007)
PContinued by: CNS neuroscience and therapeutics
CNS neuroscience and therapeutics EJv.14(2008)-
PFormerly: CNS drug reviews
Cognition EJv.1(1972)-
Cognitive brain research EJv.1(1992)-v.25(2005)
PIncorporated into: Brain Research
Cognitive psychology EJv.25(1993)-
Cognitive science EJv.1(1977)-
Cognitive systems research EJv.1(1999)-v.8(2007)
Cognitive therapy and research EJv.1(1977)-
EJv.21(1997)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology EJv.1(2009)-
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine EJv.1(2011)-
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols EJ2006(2)-
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology EJv.69(2004)-
P(See 二樓參考區, 索書號QH301/C688)
Coleopterists bulletin EJv.54(2000)-
Coleopterists Society monographs Patricia Vaurie series EJno.1(2002)-no.11(2012)
Colloid and polymer science EJv.252(1974)-
PFormerly: Kolloid-Zeitschrift and Zeitschrift fur Polymere
Colloids and surfaces. A, physicochemical and engineering aspects EJv.94(1995)-
Colloids and surfaces. B, biointerfaces EJv.3(5)(1995)-
PFormerly part of Colloids and Surfaces
Colombian journal of anesthesiology EJv.40(2012)-v.45(2017)
Colonial waterbirds EJv.4(1981)-v.21(1998)
Colorectal disease EJv.1(1999)-
Combinatorial chemistry - an online journal EJv.1(1998)-
Combustion and flame EJv.100(1995)-
Communicative and integrative biology EJv.1(2008)-
Community dentistry and oral epidemiology EJv.25(1997)-
Community genetics EJv.1(1998)-12(2)(2008)
PContinued by: Public health genomics
Community medicine EJv.1(1979)-v.11(1989)
Community mental health journal EJv.1(1965)-
EJv.32(5)(1996)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Comparative and functional genomics EJv.2(2001)-v.6(2005)
PIssued in 2000 as an affiliated section of: Yeast
Comparative biochemistry and physiology EJv.1(1960)-v.37(1970)
PSplit into: Comparative biochemistry and physiology A, B, C
Comparative biochemistry and physiology A: comparative physiology EJv.38A(1971)-v.108A(1994)
Comparative biochemistry and physiology A: molecular and integrative physiology EJv.119A(1998)-
PFormerly: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Physiology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology A: physiology EJv.109A(1994)-v.118A(1997)
PFormerly: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Comparative physiology
PContinued by: Part A, Molecular and integrative physiology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology B : biochemistry and molecular biology EJv.110B(1995)-
Comparative biochemistry and physiology B: comparative biochemistry EJv.38B(1971)-v.109B(1994)
PContinues in part: Comparative biochemistry and physiology, and adopts its numbering
PContinued by: Comparative biochemistry and physiology B, Biochemistry and molecular biology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology C: comparative pharmacology EJv.51C(1975)-v.73C(1982)
Comparative biochemistry and physiology C: comparative pharmacology and toxicology EJv.74C(1983)-v.105C(1993)
PContinues: Comparative biochemistry and physiology. C, Comparative pharmacology
PContinued by: Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Pharmacology, toxicology, and endocrinology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology C: pharmacology, toxicology and endocrinology EJv.106C(1993)-v.127C(2000)
PFormerly known as Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Endocrinology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology C: toxicology and pharmacology EJv.128C(2001)-
PFormerly known as Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Endocrinology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology D: genomics and proteomics EJv.1(2006)-
Comparative clinical pathology EJv.11(2002)-
Comparative cytogenetics EJv.1(2007)-v.3(1)(2009)
Comparative haematology international EJv.1(1991)-v.10(2000)
PContinued by: Comparative clinical pathology
Comparative immunology, microbiology and infectious diseases EJv.1(1978)-v.30(2007)
Comparative medicine EJv.47(5)(1997)- (with a 6 Month delay)
Comparative parasitology EJv.69(2002)-
Complementary therapies in clinical practice EJv.11(2005)-v.13(2007)
Complementary therapies in medicine EJv.1(1993)-v.15(2007)
Complementary therapies in nursing and midwifery EJv.1(1995)-v.10(2004)
Comprehensive psychiatry EJv.1(1960)-v.48(2007)
Comprehensive reviews in food science and food safety EJv.1(2002)-
Comptes rendus biologies EJv.325(2002)-
PFormerly known as Comptes rendus de l'Academie des Sciences - eries III - Sciences de la Vie
Comptes rendus de l'Academie des Sciences - eries III - Sciences de la Vie EJv.320(1997)-v.324(2001)
PContinued as Comptes Rendus Biologies
Computational & theoretical chemistry EJv.963(2011)-
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine EJv.2011(2011)-
Computational and structural biotechnology journal EJv.1(2012)-
Computational and theoretical polymer science EJv.7(1997)-v.11(2001)
Computational biology EJv.5(2004)-
Computational biology and chemistry EJv.27(2003)-
Computational intelligence and neuroscience EJv.2007(2007)-
Computational molecular bioscience EJv.1(2011)-
Computer aided surgery EJv.1(1995)-
Computer applications in the biosciences(CABIOS) EJv.1(1985)-v.13(1997)
PContinued by: Bioinformatics
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine EJv.20(1985)-v.88(2007)
Computer programs in biomedicine EJv.1(1970)-v.19(1985)
Computerized medical imaging and graphics EJv.12(1988)-v.31(2007)
Computers & chemical engineering EJv.1(1977)-
Computers and biomedical research EJv.1(1967)-v.33(2000)
PContinued as Journal of Biomedical Informatics
Computers and chemistry EJv.1(1976)-v.26(2002)
Computers and electronics in agriculture EJv.1(1985)-v.59(2007)
Computers in biology and medicine EJv.1(1970)-v.37(2007)
EJv.33(2003)- (with 24 months delay)
Computers in human behavior EJv.1(1985)-
Concepts in magnetic resonance EJv.2(1990)-v.15(2002)
PContinued by : Concepts in magnetic resonance Part A & B
Concepts in magnetic resonance part A: bridging education and research EJv.16A(2003)-v.43A(2014)
PFormerly : Concepts in magnetic resonance
Concepts in magnetic resonance part B: magnetic resonance engineering EJv.16B(2003)-v.44B(2014)
PFormerly : Concepts in magnetic resonance
Conditional Reflex EJv.1(1966)-v.8(1973)
PContinued by: Pavlovian journal of biological science
Condor EJv.102(2000)-
Pv.88(1986)-v.111(2009) [lack v.90(2)(1988)]
Congenital anomalies EJv.37(1997)-
Congenital heart disease EJv.1(2006)-
Congestive heart failure EJv.6(2000)-
Connective tissue research EJv.43(2002)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Consciousness and cognition EJv.2(1993)-
Conservation EJv.8(2000)-v.15(2014)
Conservation biology EJv.11(1997)-
Conservation ecology EJv.1(1997)-v.8(2003)
Conservation physiology EJv.1(2013)-
Contact dermatitis EJv.36(1997)-
Contemporary clinical trials EJv.26(2005)-
Contemporary family therapy EJv.8(1986)-
EJv.19(1997)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Continental journal of agricultural economics EJv.1(2007)-
Continental journal of agricultural science EJv.1(2007)-
Continental journal of agronomy EJv.4(2010)-
Continental shelf research EJv.1(1982)-
Continuing education in anaesthesia critical care & pain EJv.4(2004)-v.15(2015)
Contributions to zoology EJv.67(1997)-
Controlled clinical trials EJv.1(1980)-v.25(2004)
PContinued as Contemporary Clinical Trials
Coordination chemistry reviews EJv.138(1995)-
Copeia EJno.2000(2000)-
Coral reefs EJv.1(1982)-
Coral reefs of the world EJv.1(2008)-
Corrosion Science EJv.37(1995)-
CPT: pharmacometrics & systems pharmacology EJv.1(2012)-
CRC critical reviews in biochemistry EJv.1(1972)-v.23(1988)
CRC critical reviews in microbiology EJv.1(1971)-v.16(2)(1988)
CRC critical reviews in toxicology EJv.1(1971)-v.6(1979)
Criminal behaviour and mental health EJv.6(1996)-
Critical care medicine EJv.1(1973)-v.31(2003)
Critical reviews in biochemistry Pv.1(1972)-v.11(1981), v.21(1986)-v.23(1988)
PFormerly: CRC critical reviews in biochemistry
PContinued by: Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology
Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology EJv.37(2002)- (with a 18 Month delay)
EJv.24(1989)-v.31(1996), v.44(2009)-v.50(2015)
Critical reviews in biotechnology EJv.22(2002)- (with a 18 Month delay)
EJv.1(1983)-v.16(1996), v.29(2009)-v.34(2014)
Pv.11(4)(1992)-v.23(2003) [lack v.14, v.17(3, 4)]
Critical reviews in clinical laboratory sciences EJv.39(2002)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Critical reviews in eukaryotic gene expression EJv.19(2009)-v.24(2014)
Pv.5(1995)- v.22(2012)[lack v.17(2)]
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition EJv.41(2001)-v.47(2007)
Critical reviews in immunology EJv.29(2009)-v.34(2014)
Pv.10(1990)-v.32(2012) [lack v.13(1, 3, 4), v.17]
PContinues: CRC critical reviews in immunology
Critical reviews in microbiology EJv.28(2002)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Pv.13(1986)-v.17(1991) [lack v.17(1, 2)(1991)]
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology EJv.1(1983)-
Critical reviews in plant sciences EJv.1(1983)-v.15(1996), v.24(2005)-v.33(2014)
Pv.7(1-4)(1988), v.9(1990)-v.10(1991), v.12(1-4)(1993), v.13(1, 3, 4)(1994), v.14(1-3, 4-5)(1995), v.16(1, 3)(1997), v.23(2004)
Critical reviews in toxicology EJv.7(1980)-v.26(1996), v.39(2009)-v.44(2014)
EJv.32(2002)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Pv.21(1990)-v.32(2002)[lack v.22(3)]
Crop & pasture science EJv.63(2012)-
Crop breeding and applied biotechnology EJv.1(2001)-
Crop journal EJv.1(2013)-
Crop science EJv.42(2002)- (with 18 months delay)
Pv.1(1961)-v.5(1)(1965), v.10(1970)-v.37(1997) [lack v.14(1), v.37(2, 4-6)]
Crustaceana EJv.1(1960)-v.85(2012)
Pv.1(1960)-v.27(1974), v.44(1983)-v.75(8)(2002) [lack v.58(1)]
Crustaceana. supplement EJno.1(1968)-no.16(1990)
Cryobiology EJv.30(1993)-
Cryptogamie, Algologie EJv.32(2011)-
Cryptogamie, Bryologie EJv.32(2011)-
Cryptogamie, Mycologie EJv.32(2011)-
Crystal growth & design EJv.1(2001)-
Crystal research and technology EJv.31(1996)-
Crystengcomm EJv.1(1999)-
Culture agriculture food & environment EJv.19(1997)-
Culture, medicine and psychiatry EJv.1(1977)-
Current advances in plant science Pv.12(1980)-v.44(2012)
Current anaesthesia & critical care EJv.1(1989)-v.13(2002)
Current biology EJv.1(1991)-
Current biotechnology Pv.9(1991)-v.23(2005) [lack v.16(7), v.18(7-12), v.19(7-12)]
Current cardiology reviews EJv.4(2008)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Current chemical genomics EJv.1(2008)-v.6(2012)
Current chemical genomics and translational medicine EJv.7(2013)-
Current diagnostic pathology EJv.1(1994)-v.13(2007)
Current directions in psychological science EJv.1(1992)-v.21(2012)
Current drug delivery EJv.1(2004)-v.11(2014)
Current eye research EJv.17(7)(1998)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Current genetics EJv.1(1979)-
Current genomics EJv.7(2006)- (with a 6 Month delay)
Current herpetology EJv.24(2005)-
Current medical research and opinion EJv.14(1998)-v.24(2008)
Current medicinal chemistry EJv.7(2000)-v.23(2016)
Current microbiology EJv.1(1978)-
Current neuropharmacology EJv.3(2005)- (with a 6 month delay)
Current obstetrics & gynaecology EJv.1(1991)-v.12(2002)
Current oncology EJv.13(2006)-
Current opinion in allergy and clinical immunology EJv.1(2001)-
Current opinion in biomedical engineering EJv.1(2017)-
Current opinion in biotechnology EJv.1(1990)-
Current opinion in cardiology EJv.1(1986)-v.18(2003)
Current opinion in cell biology EJv.1(1989)-
Current opinion in chemical biology EJv.1(1997)-
Current opinion in clinical nutrition and metabolic care EJv.1(1998)-v.7(2004)
Current opinion in colloid & interface science EJv.1(1996)-
Current Opinion In Critical Care EJv.1(1995)-v.9(2003)
Current opinion in endocrinology & diabetes EJv.1(1994)-v.10(2003)
Current opinion in environmental sustainability EJv.1(2009)-
Current opinion in food science EJv.1(2015)-
Current opinion in gastroenterology EJv.1(1985)-v.19(2003)
Current opinion in genetics & development EJv.1(1991)-
Current opinion in hematology EJv.1(1995)-v.10(2003)
Current opinion in immunology EJv.1(1988)-
Current opinion in infectious diseases EJv.1(1988)-v.16(2003)
Current opinion in insect science EJv.1(2014)-
Current opinion in internal medicine EJv.1(2002)-v.2(2003)
Current opinion in lipidology EJv.1(1990)-v.14(2003)
Current opinion in microbiology EJv.1(1998)-
Current opinion in nephrology and hypertension EJv.1(1992)-v.12(2003)
Current opinion in neurobiology EJv.1(1991)-
Current opinion in neurology EJv.6(5)(1993)-
Pv.13(2000)-v.24(2011)[lack v.16(6), v.18(3)]
PContinues: Current opinion in neurology and neurosurgery
Current opinion in neurology and neurosurgery EJv.1(1988)-v.6(4)(1993)
Current opinion in obstetrics & gynecology EJv.1(1989), v.3(1991)-v.15(2003)
Current opinion in oncology EJv.1(1989)-
Pv.12(2000)-v.23(2011)[lack v.12(3)(2000)]
Current opinion in organ transplantation EJv.1(1996)-v.8(2003)
Current opinion in pediatrics EJv.1(1989)-v.15(2003)
Current opinion in pharmacology EJv.1(2001)-
Current opinion in plant biology EJv.1(1998)-
Current opinion in psychiatry EJv.1(1988)-v.16(2003)
Current opinion in solid state and materials science EJv.1(1996)-
Current opinion in structural biology EJv.1(1991)-
Current Opinion in Systems Biology EJv.1(2017)-
Current Opinion in Toxicology EJv.1(2016)-
Current opinion in virology EJv.1(2011)-
Current orthopaedics EJv.1(1986)-v.16(2002)
Current paediatrics EJv.1(1991)-v.16(2006)
Current plant biology EJv.1(2014)-
Current problems in cancer EJv.1(1976)- (with 12 months delay)
Current problems in cardiology EJv.1(1976)-v.32(2007)
Current problems in dermatology EJv.1(1989)-v.6(1994)
Current problems in diagnostic radiology EJv.6(1976)-v.23(1994)
Current problems in pediatric and adolescent health care EJv.32(2002)-v.37(2007)
Current problems in pediatrics EJv.1(1970)-v.31(2001)
Current problems in surgery EJv.1(1964)-v.44(2007)
Current protein & peptide science EJv.18(2017)-
Current protocols in bioinformatics EJ2003-
Current protocols in cell biology EJ1998-
Current protocols in chemical biology EJv.1(2009)-
Current protocols in cytometry EJ1997-
Current protocols in essential laboratory techniques EJ2008-
Current protocols in human genetics EJ1994-
Current protocols in immunology EJ1991-
Current protocols in microbiology EJ2006-
Current protocols in molecular biology EJ1987-
Current protocols in mouse biology EJv.1(2011)-
Current protocols in neuroscience EJ1997-
Current protocols in nucleic acid chemistry EJ2000-
Current protocols in pharmacology EJ1998-
Current protocols in plant biology EJv.1(2016)-
Current protocols in protein science EJ1995-
Current protocols in stem cell biology EJv.1(2007)-
Current protocols in toxicology EJ1999-
Current psychological research EJv.1(1981)-v.2(1982)
PContinued by: Current Psychological Research and Reviews
Current psychological research and reviews EJv.3(1984)-v.6(1988)
PFormerly: Current psychological research
PContinued by: Current psychology
Current psychology EJv.7(1988)-
PFormerly: Current psychological research and reviews
Current research journal of biological sciences EJv.1(2009)-
Current science EJv.1(1932)-
Current surgery EJv.56(1999)-v.63(2006)
PContinued as Journal of Surgical Education
Current therapeutic research EJv.52(1992)-
Current topics in developmental biology EJv.1(1966)-
P(See 圖書區, 索書號QH307/C967)
Current topics in membranes EJv.38(1991)-
Current topics in membranes and transport EJv.1(1979)-v.37(1990)
Current topics in microbiology and immunology EJv.222(1997)-
P(See 圖書區, 索書號請查詢館藏目錄)
Current zoology EJv.57(2011)-
Currents in pharmacy teaching & learning EJv.1(2009)-
Curtis's botanical magazine EJv.1(1984)-v.31(2014)
PFormerly: Kew magazine
Cyberpsychology and behavior EJv.1(1998)-v.17(2014)
Cyberpsychology, behavior, and social networking EJv.1(1998)-v.17(2014)
Cytogenetic and genome research EJv.96(2002)-v.144(2014)
PFormerly: Cytogenetics and cell genetics
Cytogenetics EJv.1(1962)-v.11(1972)
Cytogenetics and cell genetics EJv.12(1973)-v.95(2001)
PContinued by: Cytogenetic and genome research
Cytojournal EJv.1(2004)-
Cytokine EJv.1(1989)-
Cytokine and growth factor reviews EJv.7(1996)-
PFormerly known as Progress in Growth Factor Research
Cytologia EJv.1(1929)-
Pv.1(1929)-v.81(3)(2016) [lack v.6-7, v.10-11, v.13, v.32-36, v.76(4), v.78(2)]
Cytometry EJv.1(1980)-v.50(2002)
Pv.8(1987)-v.23(1996) [lack v.8(3)]
PContinued by : Cytometry Part A & B
Cytometry part A EJv.51A(2003)-
PFormerly : Cytometry
Cytometry part B : clinical cytometry EJv.51B(2003)-
PFormerly : Cytometry
Cytopathology EJv.8(1997)-
Cytoskeleton EJv.67(2010)-
PFormerly: Cell motility and the cytoskeleton
Cytotechnology EJv.1(1987)-
PFormerly merged with Methods in Cell Science (1975-2004)
Cytotherapy EJv.1(1999)-
PAbsorbed: Cytokines, celluar and molecular therapy
Czech mycology EJv.1(1947)-