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Western Journals

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Total: 68 Records

'L' Western Journals Lists
Title Type Vol
La revue de medecine interne EJv.1(1980)-v.28(2007)
La ricerca in clinica e in laboratorio EJv.1(1971)-v.21(1)(1991)
PContinued by: International journal of clinical and laboratory research
Lab on a chip EJv.1(2001)-
Laboratory animal science Pv.38(1988)-v.49(1999)
PContinued by: Comparative medicine
Laboratory animals EJv.37(2003)-v.40(2006)
Pv.14(1980)-v.19(1985), v.22(1988)-v.35(2001)
Laboratory automation & information management EJv.31(1995)-v.34(1999)
Laboratory investigation EJv.80(2000)-
Pv.58(1988)-v.84(2004) [lack v.72(1), v.84(1)(2004)]
Laboratory medicine EJv.1(1970)-
Laboratory techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology EJv.1(1969)-v.33(2009)
Pv.1-31 [lack v.5] (See 圖書區, 索書號QU25/L123)
Lakes & reservoirs: research and management EJv.3(1998)-
Lancet EJv.345(1995)-
EJv.339(8784)(1992)- (with a 2 Month delay)
Pv.331(8575)(1988)-v.344(8940)(1994) [lack v.335(8694), v.336(8731)]
Lancet global health EJv.1(2013)-
Lancet infectious diseases EJv.1(2001)-
Lancet neurology EJv.1(2002)-
Lancet oncology EJv.1(2000)-
Land Use Policy EJv.1(1984)-
Landscape and urban planning EJv.13(1986)-
Landscape ecology EJv.1(1987)-
Langenbeck's archives of surgery EJv.383(1998)-
Langmuir EJv.1(1985)-
Laser & photonics reviews EJv.1(2007)-v.3(2)(2009)
Lasers in medical science EJv.1(1986)-
Lasers in surgery and medicine EJv.18(1996)-
Learning & memory EJv.1(1994)-
Learning and motivation EJv.1(1970)-v.33(2002)
Legal medicine EJv.1(1999)-
Legume genomics and genetics EJv.1(2010)-
Lethaia EJv.30(1997)-
Letters in applied microbiology EJv.24(1997)-
Letters in biomathematics EJv.1(2014)-
Letters in peptide science EJv.1(1994)-v.10(2003)
PContinued by : International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics
Leukemia EJv.11(1997)-
Leukemia & lymphoma EJv.28(3)(1998)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Leukemia research EJv.1(1977)-
Leukemia research and treatment EJv.2011(2011)-
Leukemia research reports EJv.1(2012)-
Library EJv.S1-1(1889)-
Library & information science research EJv.17(1995)-
Library acquisitions: practice & theory EJv.19(1995)-v.22(1998)
Lichenologist EJv.39(5)(2007)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Life EJv.1(2011)-
Life sciences EJv.1(1962)-
Pv.9(1970)-v.10(1971), v.46(1990)-v.56(1995)
Life sciences in space research EJv.1(2014)-
Life sciences, society and policy EJv.1(2005)-
Light: science & applications EJv.1(2012)-
Limnologica : Ecology and management of inland waters EJv.29(1999)-v.43(2)(2013)
Limnology and oceanography EJv.1(1956)-
Limnology and oceanography bulletin EJv.1(1990)-
Limnology and oceanography e-lectures EJv.1(2009)-
Limnology and oceanography: fluids and environments EJv.1(2011)-
Limnology and oceanography: methods EJv.1(2003)-
Lindbergia EJv.1(1971)-v.36(2013)
Lipid technology EJv.18(2006)-
Lipids EJv.1(1966)-
Lipids in health and disease EJv.1(2002)-
Liver EJv.17(1997)-v.22(2002)
PContinued by : Liver international
Liver international EJv.23(2003)-
PFormerly : Liver
Liver transplantation EJv.6(2000)-
Liver transplantation and surgery EJv.1(1995)-v.5(1999)
Logopedics phoniatrics vocology EJv.21(1996)-
London journal of medicine EJv.1(1849)-v.4(1852)
PMerged with: Provincial medical & surgical journal to form: Association medical journal
Longevity & healthspan EJv.1(2012)-
Luminescence EJv.14(1999)-
Lundellia EJv.1(1998)-
Lung EJv.154(1976)-
Lung cancer EJv.1(1985)-
LWT-Food science and technology EJv.26(1993)-
Lymphatic research and biology EJv.1(2003)-v.12(2014)