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Western Journals

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Total: 226 Records

'N' Western Journals Lists
Title Type Vol
NACTA journal EJv.46(3)(2002)-
Nahrung/food EJv.40(1996)-v.48(2004)
Nano communication networks EJv.1(2010)-
Nano letters EJv.1(2001)-
Nano reviews EJv.1(2010)-v.6(2015)
Nanobiotechnology, IEE proceedings EJv.150(2003)-v.153(2006)
Nanobiotechnology, IET EJv.1(2007)-
Nanomaterials EJv.1(2011)-
Nanomedicine : nanotechnology, biology, and medicine EJv.1(2005)-
Nanoscale EJv.1(2009)-
Nanoscale research letters EJv.6(2011)-
Nanoscience methods EJv.1(2012)-
Nanotoday EJv.1(2006)-
Nanotoxicology EJv.1(2007)- (with a 18 Month delay)
National parks EJv.66(7-8)(1991)-
Native plants journal EJv.5(2)(2004)-v.11(2010)
Natural areas journal EJv.26(2006)-
Natural hazards EJv.1(1988)-
Natural history EJv.99(5)(1990)-
Pv.72(1963)-v.105(5)(1996) [lack v.96(12), v.97(7), v.99(3), v.102(8), 107(1)]
PContinues: the American museum journal
PAbsorbed the Nature magazine in Jan., 1960.
Natural life EJno.59(1998)-
Natural product reports EJv.1(1984)-
Natural product updates EJno.1(1987)-
Natural products and bioprospecting EJv.1(2011)-
Natural resource modeling EJv.12(1999)-
Natural science EJv.1(2009)-
Natural sciences education EJv.42(2013)-v.43(2014)
Natural toxins EJv.1(1992)-v.7(1999)
Nature EJv.1(1869)-
Nature and science of sleep EJv.1(2009)-
Nature biotechnology EJv.14(3)(1996)-
Pv.14(3)(1996)-v.16(1998), v.22(2004)
Nature Canada EJv.22(1993)-v.26(1997)
Nature cell biology EJv.1(1999)-
Nature chemical biology EJv.1(2005)-
Nature chemistry EJv.1(2009)-
Nature climate change EJv.2(2012)-
Nature clinical practice cardiovascular medicine EJv.1(2004)-v.6(3)(2009)
Nature clinical practice. Oncology EJv.1(2004)-v.6(3)(2009)
Nature communications EJv.1(2010)-
Nature Conservation EJv.1(2012)-
Nature ecology & evolution EJv.1(2017)-
Nature genetics EJv.1(1992)-
Pv.1(1992)-v.20(1998) [lack v.3(4)]
Nature geoscience EJv.1(2008)-
Nature immunology EJv.1(2000)-
Nature materials EJv.1(2002)-
Nature medicine EJv.1(1995)-
Nature methods EJv.1(2004)-
Nature microbiology EJv.1(2016)-
Nature nanotechnology EJv.1(2006)-
Nature neuroscience EJv.1(1998)-
Nature new biology Pv.229(1971)-v.246(1973)
Nature physics EJv.1(2005)-
Nature plants EJv.1(2015)-
Nature protocols EJv.1(2006)-
Nature reports climate change EJv.1(2007)-v.4(2010)
Nature reviews cancer EJv.1(2001)-
Nature reviews cardiology EJv.6(4)(2009)-
Nature reviews chemistry EJv.1(2017)-
Nature reviews clinical oncology EJv.6(4)(2009)-
Nature reviews drug discovery EJv.1(2002)-
Nature reviews gastroenterology & hepatology EJv.7(4)(2010)-
Nature reviews genetics EJv.1(2000)-
Nature reviews immunology EJv.1(2001)-
Nature reviews microbiology EJv.1(2003)-
Nature reviews molecular cell biology EJv.1(2000)-
Nature reviews neurology EJv.7(2011)-
Nature reviews neuroscience EJv.1(2000)-
Nature structural and molecular biology EJv.11(2004)-
PFormerly: Nature structural biology
Nature structural biology EJv.1(1994)-v.10(2003)
PContinued by: Nature structural and molecular biology
Naturwissenschaften EJv.1(1913)-v.101(2014)
Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology EJv.272(1972)-
PFormerly: Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archiv fur Pharmakologie
Nautilus EJv.3(1889)-v.127(2013)
Ndt plus EJv.1(2008)-v.4(2011)
Neoplasia EJv.1(1999)-
Neotropical entomology EJv.30(2001)-v.40(2011)
Neotropical primates EJv.12(2004)-v.22(2015)
Nephrology EJv.3(1997)-
Nephrology dialysis transplantation EJv.11(1996)-
Netherlands heart journal EJv.9(2001)-
Netherlands journal of aquatic ecology EJv.26(1992)-v.30(1997)
PFormerly: Hydrobiological bulletin
PContinued by: Aquatic ecology
Netherlands journal of medicine EJv.44(5)(1995)-v.59(2001)
PTransferred to Van Zuiden Communications as of 2002
Netherlands journal of plant pathology=Tijdschrift over plantenziekten EJv.69(2)(1963)-v.99(1993)
PContinued by: European journal of plant pathology
Netherlands journal of sea research EJv.1(1961)-v.34(1995)
Neural development EJv.1(2006)-
Neural networks EJv.1(1988)-
Neural plasticity EJv.6(3)(1998)-
Neuro-oncology EJv.1(1999)-
Neuro-ophthalmology EJv.20(1998)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Neuro-signals EJv.7(1998)-
Neurobiology of aging EJv.1(1980)-
Neurobiology of disease EJv.1(1994)-
Neurobiology of learning and memory EJv.63(1995)- (with 12 months delay)
Neurobiology of stress EJv.1(2015)-
Neurocase EJv..9(2003)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Neurochemical research EJv.1(1976)-
Neurochemistry international EJv.1(1980)-
Neurocomputing EJv.1(1989)-
Neurodegeneration EJv.4(1995)-v.5(1996)
PIncorporated into Experimental Neurology
Neurodegenerative diseases EJv.1(2004)-v.14(2014)
Neuroendocrinology EJv.63(1996)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Neuroepigenetics EJv.1(2015)-.9(2017)
Neurogastroenterology and motility EJv.9(1997)-
Neuroimage EJv.1(1992)-
NeuroImage: clinical EJv.1(2012)-
Neurología (English edition) EJv.25(2010)-
Neurologia i Neurochirurgia Polska EJv.44(2010)-
Neurological sciences EJv.21(2000)-
PFormerly: Italian journal of neurological sciences
Neurologist EJv.3(1997)-v.9(2003)
Neurology EJv.1(1951)-v.44(1994)
Pv.42(1992)-v.44(1994), v.64(2005)-v.77(2011)[lack v.75(13)]
Neurology and neurobiology P(See 圖書區, 索書號WL102/N4948)
Neurology international EJv.1(2009)-
Neurology research international EJv.2010(2010)-
Neuromethods EJv.1(1986)-
Pv.1- [lack v.5] (See 圖書區, 索書號WL300/N4938)
Neuromodulation EJv.1(1998)-
Neuromuscular disorders EJv.1(1991)-v.17(2007)
Neuron EJv.1(1988)-
Neuron glia biology EJv.1(2004)-(with a 12 Month delay)
Neuropathology EJv.17(1997)-
Neuropathology and applied neurobiology EJv.23(1997)-
Neuropeptides EJv.1(1980)-
Neuropharmacology EJv.9(1970)-
PFormerly known as International Journal of Neuropharmacology
Neurophysiologie clinique/clinical neurophysiology EJv.18(1988)-v.38(1)(2008)
Neurophysiology EJv.1(1969)-v.28(1996)
Neuroprotocols EJv.1(1992)-v.4(1994)
Neuropsychiatric disease and treatment EJv.1(2005)-
Neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, and behavioral neurology EJv.1(1988)-v.15(2002)
Neuropsychobiology EJv.38(1998)-(with a 12 Month delay)
PAbsorbed: International pharmacopsychiatry
Neuropsychologia EJv.1(1963)-
Neuropsychology review EJv.1(1990)-
EJv.7(2)(1997)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Neuropsychopharmacology EJv.8(1993)- (with 12 months delay)
Neuroradiology EJv.1(1970)-
EJv.44(2002)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Neuroreport EJv.8(1996)-v.14(2003), v.20(2009)-v.26(2015)
NeuroRx EJv.1(2004)-v.3(2006)
Neuroscience EJv.1(1976)-
Neuroscience and behavioral physiology EJv.5(1972)-v.26(1996)
PFormerly : Neuroscience translations
Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews EJv.2(1978)-
PFormerly known as Biobehavioral Reviews
Neuroscience and medicine EJv.1(2010)-
Neuroscience letters EJv.1(1975)-
Neuroscience of consciousness EJv.1(2016)-
Neuroscience research EJv.1(1984)-
PIncorporating Neuroscience Research Supplements
Neuroscience research communications EJv.18(1996)-v.35(2004)
Pv.1(1987), v.6(1990)-v.19(1996)
Neuroscience research supplements EJv.1(1985)-v.19(1994)
Neuroscience translations EJno.1(1967)-no.16(1971)
PContinued by: Neuroscience and behavioral physiology
Neurosurgical review EJv.1(1978)-
Neurotherapeutics EJv.1(2004)- (with 12 months delay)
Neurotoxicology EJv.22(2001)-v.28(2007)
Neurotoxicology and teratology EJv.9(1987)-v.29(2007)
Neurourology and urodynamics EJv.15(1996)-
New Biologist Pv.1(1989)-v.4(5)(1992) [lack v.2(4)]
New biotechnology EJv.25(2008)-
New Comprehensive Biochemistry EJv.1(1981)-v.41(2007)
New England journal of medicine EJv.322(1990)-
New forests EJv.1(1986)-
EJv.13(1997)- (with a 12 Month delay)
New genetics and society EJv.18(1999)- (with a 18 Month delay)
PFormerly : Genetic engineer and biotechnologist
New journal of chemistry EJv.22(1998)-
New microbes and new infections EJv.1(2013)-
New phytologist EJv.1(1902)-
New scientist EJv.173(2002)- (with a 30 day delay)
Pv.114(1558)(1987)-v.117(1599)(1988), v.129(1754)(1991)-v.129(1759)(1991), v.129(1762)(1991)-v.132(1793)(1991), v.132(1798)(1991)-v.133(1812)(1992), v.133(1814)(1992)-v.135(1832)(1992), v.135(1834)(1992), v.135(1836)(1992)- v.192(2584)(2006) [lack v.117(1589), v.149-150(2023-2024), v.153(2074), v.154(2077), v.154(2082), v.176(2369) , v.176(2374) , v.185(2481-2482)]
New trends in lipid mediators research P(See 圖書區, 索書號請查詢館藏目錄)
New Zealand journal of agricultural research EJv.49(2006)-(with a 18 Month delay)
Pv.33(1990)-v.46(2003) [lack v.40, v.44(4)]
New Zealand journal of botany EJv.1(1963)-
Pv.1(1963)-v.17(1979), v.21(1983)-v.40(2003) [lack v.26(3-4), v.27, v.35, v.40(3)]
New Zealand journal of crop and horticultural science EJv.17(1989)-
Pv.19(1991)-v.31(2003) [lack v.25, v.30(3)]
New Zealand journal of forestry science EJv.43(2013)-
Newborn and infant nursing reviews EJv.1(2001)-v.7(2007)
News in physiological sciences EJv.1(1986)-v.19(3)(2004)
PContinued by: Physiology
NFS journal EJv.1(2015)-
Nicotine and tobacco research EJv.1(1999)-
Nitric oxide: biology and chemistry EJv.1(1997)-
NJAS - Wageningen journal of life sciences EJv.48(2000)- (with 12 months delay)
Nmr in biomedicine EJv.1(1988)-
Non-coding RNA research EJv.1(2016)-
Nordic journal of botany EJv.1(1981)-v.32(2014)
PFormed by the merger of: Botanisk tidsskrift; Friesia; Norwegian journal of botany; and, Botaniska notiser.
Nordic journal of psychiatry EJv.52(1998)- (with a 18 Month delay)
North American fungi EJv.1(2006)-
North American journal of aquaculture EJv.59(1997)-
PFormerly: Progressive fish-culturist
North American journal of fisheries management EJv.17(1997)-
Pv.1(1)(1981), v.2(1982)-v.31(2011)
North American journal of medical sciences EJv.1(2009)-
Northeastern naturalist EJv.7(2000)-
Northwest science EJv.81(2007)-
Pv.34(4)(1960)-v.65(1991) [lack v.35(3), v.36(3-4), v.54(1), v.55-56]
Northwestern naturalist EJv.85(2004)-
Notes and records EJv.1(1938)-
Notes from the royal botanic garden, edinurgh Pv.23(1959)-v.45(1988) [lack v.30(3), v.36(3), v.39(3)]
Notulae botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca EJv.1(1965)-
Nova hedwigia EJv.74(2002)-v.77(2003)
Pv.64(1997)-v.77(2003) [lack v.66-67(1998)]
PFormerly : Hedwigia
Novon EJv.16(2006)-
Pv.1(1991)-v.22(2)(2012)[lack v.9(1)]
NPG Asia materials EJv.1(2009)-
npj Aging and mechanisms of disease EJv.1(2015)-
npj Biofilms and microbiomes EJv.1(2015)-
npj Breast cancer EJv.1(2015)-
npj Genomic medicine EJv.1(2015)-
npj Microgravity EJv.1(2015)-
npj Parkinson's disease EJv.1(2015)-
npj Schizophrenia EJv.1(2015)-
npj Science of learning EJv.1(2016)-
npj Systems biology and applications EJv.1(2015)-
Nuclear medicine and biology EJv.20(1993)-
PFormerly known as International Journal of Radiation Applications and Instrumentation. Part B. Nuclear Medicine and Biology
Nuclear medicine communications EJv.1(1980)-v.24(2003)
Nuclear receptor EJv.1(2003)-
Nuclear receptor signaling EJv.1(2003)-
Nucleic acid therapeutics EJv.21(3)(2011)-v.24(2014)
Nucleic acids and molecular biology EJv.16(2005)-
Nucleic acids research EJv.1(1974)-
Nucleosides and nucleotides EJv.1(1982)-v.15(1996)
Nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids EJv.20(2001)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Nucleus EJv.1(2010)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Nuovo giornale botanico italiano EJv.37(1930)-v.68(1961)
Nursing & health sciences EJv.1(1999)-
Nursing for womens health EJv.11(1997)v.19(6)(2016)
Nursing outlook EJv.43(1995)-55(2007)
Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems EJv.46(1996)-
Nutrients EJv.1(2009)-
Nutrition EJv.12(1996)-v.23(2007)
Nutrition & diabetes EJv.2(2012)-
Nutrition & dietetics EJv.62(2005)-
Nutrition & food science EJv.94(1994)-
Nutrition & metabolism EJv.1(2004)-
Nutrition action health letter EJv.22(1995)-
Nutrition and cancer EJv.1(1978)-v.26(1996), v.48(2004)-v.66(2014)
EJv.33(1999)- (with 18 months delay)
Pv.7(1985)-v.35(1)(1999), v.51(2005)-v.63(2011)
Nutrition and metabolic insights EJv.3(2010)-
Nutrition bulletin EJv.22(1997)-
Nutrition journal EJv.1(2002)-
Nutrition research EJv.1(1981)-
Nutrition research reviews EJv.14(2001)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Nutrition reviews EJv.54(1996)-
Nutrition today EJv.1(1966)-v.49(2014)
Nutrition, metabolism and cardiovascular diseases EJv.13(2003)-v.17(2007)
Nutritional neuroscience EJv.5(2002)-