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Total: 749 Records

'a' Western Journals Lists
Title Type Vol
A.A.V. newsletter EJv.1(1980)-v.7(1986)
AAV today EJv.1(1987)-v.2(1988)
Abdominal imaging EJv.18(1993)-v.40(2015)
Abdominal radiology EJv.41(2016)-
Abstracts of the papers communicated to the Royal Society of London EJv.5(1843)-v.6(1854)
Abstracts of the papers printed in the philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London EJv.1(1800)-v.4(1843)
Academia Sinica newsletter 中研院訊EJno.1667(2018)-
Academic emergency medicine EJv.4(1997)-
Accident and emergency nursing EJv.1(1993)-v.15(2007)
Accounts of chemical research EJv.1(1968)-
ACS applied materials and interfaces EJv.1(2009)-
ACS biomaterials science & engineering EJv.1(2015)-
Acs catalysis EJv.1(2011)-
ACS chemical biology EJv.1(2006)-
ACS chemical neuroscience EJv.1(2010)-
Acs combinatorial science EJv.13(2011)-
ACS infectious diseases EJv.1(2015)-
Acs macro letters EJv.1(2012)-
Acs medicinal chemistry letters EJv.1(2010)-
ACS nano EJv.1(2007)-
ACS sensors EJv.1(2016)-
Acs sustainable chemistry & engineering EJv.1(2013)-
Acs synthetic biology EJv.1(2012)-
ACS: Agriculturae conspectus scientificus EJv.62(3)(1997)-
Acta agriculturae Scandinavica EJv.1(1950)-v.41(1991)
Acta agriculturae Scandinavica. A, animal sciences EJv.48(1998)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Acta agriculturae Scandinavica. B, plant soil science EJv.48(1998)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica EJv.41(1997)-
Acta anaesthesiologica Taiwanica EJv.46(2008)-v.54(2016)
Acta biochimica et biophysica sinica EJv.36(2004)-
Acta biochimica polonica EJv.32(1985)-
Acta biologica Cracoviensia. Series: Botanica EJv.52(2010)-
Acta biomaterialia EJv.1(2005)-
Acta biotechnologica EJv.16(1996)-v.23(2003)
Acta biotheoretica EJv.1(1935)-
Acta botanica Croatica EJv.70(2011)-
Acta botanica fennica Pno.81(1968)-no.179(2006) [lack no.156, 160, 161, 172, 174, 176, 178]
Acta botanica Neerlandica EJv.1(1952)-v.47(1998)
Acta cardiologica sinica 中華民國心臟學會雜誌EJv.19(4)(2003)-
Acta chiropterologica EJv.4(2002)-
Acta crystallographica Section B, Structural science, crystal engineering and materials EJv.69(2013)-
Acta crystallographica. A, foundations of crystallography EJv.A53(1997)-v.A69(2013)
Acta crystallographica. B, structural science EJv.B53(1997)-v.B68(2012)
Acta crystallographica. C, crystal structure communications EJv.C53(1997)-v.C69(2013)
Acta crystallographica. D, biological crystallography EJv.D52(1996)-v.D71(2015)
Acta crystallographica. E, structural reports EJv.E64(2008)-v.E70(2014)
Acta crystallographica. F, structural biology and crystallization communications EJv.F61(2005)-v.F69(2013)
Acta crystallographica. Section A, Foundations and advances EJv.A70(2014)-
Acta crystallographica. Section C, Structural chemistry EJv.70(2014)-
Acta crystallographica. Section D, Structural biology EJv.D72(2016)-
Acta crystallographica. Section E, Crystallographic communications EJv.E71(2015)-
Acta crystallographica. Section F, Structural biology communications EJv.F70(2014)-
Acta dermato-venereologica EJv.78(1998)-
Acta diabetologia latina EJv.1(1964)-v.28(1)(1991)
Acta diabetologica EJv.28(2)(1991)-
Acta endocrinologica EJv.1(1948)-v.129(1993)
Acta ethologica EJv.4(2001)-
Acta genetica et statistica medica EJv.1(1950)-v.18(1968)
Acta genetica sinica EJv.33.(2006)
Acta geochimica EJv.16(1997)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Acta haematologica EJv.1(1948)-v.132(2014)
Acta herpetologica EJv.1(2006)-
Acta histochemica EJv.97(1995)-
Pv.11(1961)-v.40(1971) [lack v.22-26, v.29-31, v.35-36(1), v.38]
Acta histochemica et cytochemica EJv.1(1968)-
Acta informatica medica EJv.16(2008)-
Acta myologica EJv.26(2007)-
Acta naturae EJv.1(2009)-
Acta neurochirurgica EJv.1(1950)-
Acta neurologica Scandinavica EJv.95(1997)-
Acta neuropathologica EJv.1(1961)-
Acta neuropathologica communications EJv.1(2013)-
Acta neuropsychiatrica EJv.14(2002)-v.24(2012)
Acta neurovegetativa EJv.1(1950)-v.30(1967)
Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica EJv.76(1997)-
Acta oceanologica Sinica EJv.29(2010)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Acta oncologica EJv.26(1987)- (with 6 months delay)
Acta ophthalmologica EJv.75(1997)-
Acta ornithologica EJv.35(2000)-
Acta orthopaedica EJv.76(2005)-
Acta orthopaedica Scandinavica EJv.1(1930)-v.75(2004)
Acta oto-laryngologica EJv.118(1998)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Acta paediatrica EJv.86(1997)-
Acta palaeontologica polonica EJv.53(2008)-v.61(2016)
Acta parasitology et medica entomologica sinica 寄生蟲與醫學昆蟲學報EJv.13(2006)-v.17(3)(2010)
Acta pharmaceutica sinica B EJv.1(2011)-
Acta pharmacologica sinica 中國藥理學報EJv.26(2005)-v.36(2015)
Acta physiologica EJv.186(2006)-
Acta physiologica Scandinavica EJv.1(1940)-v.185(2005)
Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica EJv.52(2001)-
Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica 植物分類,地理EJv.1(1932)-v.51(2001)
Acta protozoologica EJv.46(2007)-
Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica EJv.95(1997)-
Acta psychologica EJv.88(1995)-v.126(2007)
Acta radiologica. oncology EJv.19(1980)-v.25(1986)
Acta radiologica: oncology, radiation, physics, biology EJv.17(1978)-v.18(1979)
Acta radiologica: therapy.physics. biology EJv.1(1963)-v.16(1977)
Acta societatis botanicorum poloniae EJv.1(1923)-
Pv.30(1961)-v.67(1998) [lack v.30(2-4), v.31(1-3), v.32(2-4), v.34, v.35(1, 2, 4), v.36(4), v.37(2, 4), v.39(3), v.46(1-2), v.50(1-2), v.67(1)]
Acta tropica EJv.46(1989)- (with 12 months delay)
Pv.26(1969)-v.36(1979), v.45(1988)
Acta zoologica EJv.1(1920)-v.95(2014)
Acta zoologica lituanica EJv.13(2003)-v.21(2011)
Acta zoologica Sinica EJv.47(2001)-v.54(2008)
Acta zoologica Taiwanica 動物學刊EJv.8(2)(1997)-v.14(2004)
Acupuncture Research 針刺研究EJ1976-2012
Acute pain EJv.1(1997)-9(2007)
Adansonia EJv.31(2009)-
Addiction EJv.92(1997)-
Addiction biology EJv.1(3)(1996)-(with a 12 Month delay)
Addiction research EJv.5(1997)-v.8(2000)
Addiction research and theory EJv.9(2001)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Addictive behaviors EJv.1(1975)-v.32(2007)
Advanced biomedical research EJv.1(2012)-
Advanced drug delivery reviews EJv.15(1995)-
Advanced functional materials EJv.11(2001)-
Advanced healthcare materials EJv.1(2012)-v.2(2013)
Advanced materials EJv.1(1989)-
Advanced materials for optics and electronics EJv.6(1996)-v.10(2000)
PContinued by: Advanced functional materials
Advanced optical materials EJv.1(2013)-v.2(2014)
Advanced science EJv.1(2014)-
Advanced synthesis and catalysis EJv.343(2001)-
Advances and applications in bioinformatics and chemistry EJv.1(2008)-
Advances in aging research EJv.1(2012)-
Advances in agronomy EJv.1(1949)-
Pv.1-v.92 [lack v.24] (See 圖書區, 索書號S450/A244)
Advances in alzheimer's disease EJv.1(2012)-
Advances in animal biosciences EJv.1(2010)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Advances in applied microbiology EJv.1(1959)-
Pv.1-60 [lack v.42] (See 圖書區, 索書號QW4/A244)
Advances in behavioral biology EJv.50(2002), v.52(2002), v.55(2005)-v.58(2009)
Advances in biochemical engineering/biotechnology EJ(1997)-(2012) (lack 2006, 2007)
Advances in bioinformatics EJv.2008(2008)-
Advances in biological chemistry EJv.1(2011)-
Advances in biological regulation EJv.52(2012)-
Advances in biomedical engineering research EJv.1(2013)-
Advances in biophysics EJv.31(1995)-v.38(2004)
Advances in bioscience and biotechnology EJv.1(2010)-
Advances in botanical research EJv.1(1963)-
Pv.1-44 (See 圖書區, 索書號QK1/A244)
Advances in breast cancer research EJv.1(2012)-
Advances in cancer research EJv.1(1953)-
Pv.1-96 [lack v.9-12, 16, 35] (See 圖書區, 索書號QZ200/A244)
Advances in carbohydrate chemistry EJv.1(1945)-v.23(1968)
Advances in carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry EJv.24(1969)-
Advances in cell aging and gerontology EJv.1(1996)-v.17(2005)
Advances in chemical engineering and science EJv.1(2011)-
Advances in chemical science EJv.1(2012)-
Advances in clinical chemistry EJv.1(1958)-
Advances in cognitive psychology EJv.1(2005)-
Advances in colloid and interface science EJv.54(1995)-
Advances in computed tomography EJv.1(2012)-
Advances in developmental biochemistry EJv.2(1993)-v.5(1999)
Advances in developmental biology EJv.14(2005)-v.18(2007)
Advances in developmental biology (1992) EJv.1(1992)-v.5(1997)
Advances in developmental biology and biochemistry EJv.11(2002)-v.13(2003)
Advances in ecological research EJv.1(1962)-
Pv.1-38 [lack v.4, v.22] (See 圖書區, 索書號QH541/A244)
Advances in entomology EJv.1(2013)-
Advances in environmental research EJv.4(2000)-v.8(2004)
Advances in enzyme regulation EJv.1(1963)-v.51(2011)
Advances in enzyme research EJv.1(2013)-
Advances in enzymology and related subjects Pv.44- [lack v.55, v.69] (See 圖書區, 索書號QU135/A244)
Advances in experimental medicine and biology EJ(2000), (2004)-
P(See 圖書區, 索書號請查詢館藏目錄)
Advances in food and nutrition research EJv.33(1989)-
Advances in food research EJv.1(1948)-v.32(1988)
Advances in food security and sustainability EJv.1(2016)-
Advances in free radical biology & medicine EJv.1(1985)-v.2(1986)
Advances in genetics EJv.1(1947)-
Pv.1(1947)-v.56(2006) [lack v.3-11] (See 圖書區, 索書號QH431/A244)
Advances in hematology EJv.2009(2009)-
Advances in human genetics Pv.1-v.22 [lack v.2] (See 圖書區, 索書號QH431/A2443)
Advances in immunology EJv.1(1961)-
Pv.1-92 [lack v.11, v.23-v.28, v.45] (See 圖書區, 索書號QW505/I33)
Advances in infectious diseases EJv.1(2011)-
Advances in insect physiology EJv.1(1963)-
Pv.1-14, v.16, v.20, v.24, v.28-32 (See 圖書區, 索書號QL495/A244)
Advances in life course research EJv.5(2000)-
Advances in lung cancer EJv.1(2012)-
Advances in magnetic and optical resonance Pv.8, v.10-20 (See 圖書區, 索書號QC762/A244)
Advances in marine biology EJv.1(1963)-
Pv.1-51 [lack v.14, 17, 24-28, 32, 35, 42] (See 圖書區, 索書號QH91/A244)
Advances in medical sciences EJv.55(2010)-
Advances in microbial physiology EJv.1(1999)-
Pv.4-52 [lack v.6, 7, 10, 16, 22, 24] (See 圖書區, 索書號QW52/A244)
Advances in microbiology EJv.1(2011)-
Advances in molecular and cell biology EJv.1(1987)-v.38(2006)
Advances in molecular imaging EJv.1(2011)-
Advances in nanoparticles EJv.1(2012)-
Advances in neuroimmunology EJv.1(1991)-v.6(1996)
Advances in neurology P(See 圖書區, 索書號請查詢館藏目錄)
Advances in neurotoxicology EJv.1(2017)-
Advances in nutrition EJv.1(2010)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Advances in organ biology EJv.1(1996)-v.10(2005)
Advances in parasitology EJv.1(1963)-
Advances in parkinson's disease EJv.1(2012)-
Advances in pharmacological sciences EJv.2008(2008)-
Advances in pharmacology EJv.1(1962)-
Advances in photosynthesis and respiration EJ(1997)-
Advances in physiology education EJv.256(6)(1989)-
Advances in physiotherapy EJv.1(1999)-v.14(2012)
Advances in preventive medicine EJv.2011(2011)-
Advances in prostaglandin, thromboxane, and leukotriene research Pv.1-v.23 [lack v.16-v.17] (See 圖書區, 索書號QU90/A244)
Advances in protein chemistry EJv.1(1944)-v.74(2007)
Advances in protein chemistry and structural biology EJv.75(2008)-
Advances in reproductive sciences EJv.1(2013)-
Advances in second messenger and phosphoprotein research Pv.1-v.33 [lack v.19-24, 26] (See 圖書區, 索書號QV268.5/A244)
Advances in space biology and medicine EJv.1(1991)-v.10(2005)
Advances in stem cells and their niches EJv.1(2017)-
Advances in structural biology EJv.6(2000)
Advances in virology EJv.2009(2009)-
Advances in virus research EJv.1(1953)-
Pv.1-68 (See 圖書區, 索書號QW160/A244)
Advances in water resources EJv.1(1977)-
Adverse drug reaction bulletin EJv.38(1973)-v.199(1999)
Aerobiologia EJv.1(1985)-
Aesthetic plastic surgery EJv.1(1976)-
African entomology EJv.15(2007)-
African invertebrates EJv.49(2008)-v.56(2015)
African journal of ecology EJv.35(1997)-
African journal of wildlife research EJv.45(2015)-
African zoology EJv.41(2006)-
Age EJv.27(2005)-v.38(2016)
Age (1978) EJv.1(1978)-v.22(1999)
Age and ageing EJv.1(1972)-
Ageing international EJv.1(1974)-
EJv.23(1997)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Ageing research reviews EJv.1(2002)-
Agents and actions EJv.1(1969)-v.43(1994)
Aggression and violent behavior EJv.1(1996)-
Aggressive behavior EJv.22(1996)-
Aging and disease EJv.1(2010)-
Aging cell EJv.1(2002)-
Aging male EJv.6(2003)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Agri Gene EJv.1(2016)-
Agribusiness EJv.12(1996)-
Agricell report Pv.12(4)(1989), v.14(6)(1990), v.16(1991)-v.28(1996), v.29(1)(1997), v.30(1998)-v.57(2011)[lack v.16(1), v.21(3)]
Agricultural and biological chemistry EJv.25(1961)-v.55(1991)
Agricultural and food economics EJv.1(2013)-
Agricultural and forest entomology EJv.1(1999)-
Agricultural and forest meteorology EJv.31(1984)-
Agricultural and resource economics review EJv.31(2002)-
Agricultural biotechnology EJv.1(4)(2012)-
Agricultural bulletin of the Straits and Federated Malay States EJv.1(1912)
Agricultural economics EJv.22(2000)-
Agricultural economics review EJv.1(2000)-
Agricultural history EJv.76(2002)-
Agricultural research EJv.36(1988)-
Pv.3(1979)-v.9(1985) [lack v.7(3), v.9(3)]
Agricultural sciences EJv.1(2010)-
Agricultural wastes EJv.1(1979)-v.18(1986)
Agricultural water management EJv.1(1976)-
Agriculture EJv.1(2011)-
Agriculture & food security EJv.1(2012)-
Agriculture and agricultural science procedia EJv.1(2010)-v.11(2016)
Agriculture and environment EJv.1(1974)-v.7(1982)
Agriculture and human values EJv.1(1984)-
EJv.16(1999)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Agriculture and natural resources EJv.50(2016)-
Agriculture ecosystems and environment EJv.9(1983)-v.124(2)(2008)
Agriculture week EJ2008-
Agro-ecosystems EJv.1(1974)-v.8(1983)
Agroforestry systems EJv.1(1982)-
Agronomia tropical Pv.13(1963)-v.58(2008) [lack v.13(5-6), v.14(4-6), v.15, v.16(4-6), v.17(4-6), v.19(3-6), v.20, v.21(1-4), v.23(1-2, 5-6), v.24(5), v.27(5), v.47(3), v.50(1)]
Agronomie EJv.8(1988)-v.18(1998)
Agronomy EJv.1(2011)-
Agronomy journal EJv.93(6)(2001)-(with a 18 Month delay)
AIBS bulletin EJv.1(1951)-v.13(1963)
AIDS EJv.18(2004)- (with a 20 Month delay)
AIDS care EJv.2(1990)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Aids patient care and stds EJv.1(1987)-v.28(2014)
AIDS research EJv.1(1983)-v.2(1986)
AIDS research and human retroviruses EJv.3(1987)-v.30(2014)
AIDS research and therapy EJv.1(2004)-
AIDS research and treatment EJv.2010(2010)-
Air medical journal EJv.12(1993)-v.26(2007)
Alcohol EJv.1(1984)-
Alcohol and alcoholism EJv.18(1983)-
Alcoholism: clinical and experimental research EJv.1(1977)-
Aldrichimica acta EJv.1(1968)-
Alexandria journal of medicine EJv.47(2011)-
Algal research EJv.1(2012)-
Algorithms for molecular biology EJv.1(2006)-
Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics EJv.11(1997)-
Alimentary pharmacology and therapeutics symposium series EJv.1(2005)-v.3(2007)
Allergology international EJv.45(1996)-
Allergy EJv.52(1997)-
Allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology EJv.1(2005)-
Allertonia EJv.1(1975)-v.13(2014)
Alternative and complementary therapies EJv.1(1994)-v.20(2014)
Alzheimer disease and associated disorders EJv.1(1987)-v.17(2003)
Alzheimer's & dementia EJv.1(2005)-
Alzheimer's & dementia : diagnosis, assessment & disease monitoring EJv.1(2015)-
Alzheimer's & dementia: translational research & clinical interventions EJv.1(2015)-
Alzheimer's research and therapy EJv.1(2009)-
Alzheimers care quarterly EJv.1(2000)-v.4(2003)
Amb Express EJv.1(2011)-
Amber waves EJv.1(3)(2003)-
AMBIO EJv.1(1972)-v.43(2014)
Ambio special report EJno.1(1972)-no.6(1979)
Ameghiniana EJv.47(2010)-
American behavioral scientist EJv.4(1960)-v.38(3)(1995)
American biology teacher EJv.62(2000)-
American breeders magazine EJv.1(1910)-v.4(1913)
American entomologist EJv.42(1996)-
American fern journal EJv.91(2001)-
American forests EJv.100(1994)-
American heart journal EJv.1(1925)-v.154(2007)
American journal of agricultural economics EJv.78(1996)-
American journal of analytical chemistry EJv.1(2010)-
American journal of anatomy EJv.1(1901)-v.192(1991)
American journal of bioethics EJv.1(2001)- (with a 18 Month delay)
American journal of blood research EJv.1(2011)-
American journal of botany EJv.84(2)(1997)-
American journal of cancer EJv.15(1931)-v.40(1940)
American journal of cancer research EJv.1(2011)-
American journal of cardiology EJv.1(1958)-
American journal of clinical and experimental immunology EJv.1(2012)-
American journal of clinical nutrition EJv.63(1996)-
American journal of clinical oncology EJv.5(1982)-v.26(2003)
American journal of clinical pathology EJv.1(1931)-
American journal of community psychology EJv.1(1973)-v.24(1996)
EJv.22(1994)- (with a 12 Month delay)
American journal of dance therapy EJv.1(1977)-
EJv.19(1997)- (with a 12 Month delay)
American journal of digestive diseases EJv.5(1938)-v.22(1955)
American journal of digestive diseases and nutrition EJv.1(1934)-v.4(1937)
PContinued by: American journal of digestive diseases
American journal of digestive diseases. New series EJv.1(1956)-v.23(1978)
American journal of drug and alcohol abuse EJv.5(1999)- (with a 18 Month delay)
American journal of emergency medicine EJv.1(1983)-v.25(2007)
American journal of epidemiology EJv.143(1996)-
Pv.125(1987)-v.142(1995) [lack v.142(10)]
American journal of experimental agriculture EJv.1(2011)-
American journal of geriatric pharmacotherapy EJv.1(2003)-v.5(2007)
American journal of geriatric psychiatry EJv.1(1993)-v.11(2003)
American journal of hematology EJv.1(1976)-v.89(2014)
American journal of human biology EJv.8(1996)-
American journal of human genetics EJv.60(6)(1997)-
Pv.31(1979)-v.37(1985), v.44(1989)-v.60(1997) [lack v.56(1, 2)]
American journal of hypertension EJv.8(1995)-v.20(2007)
American journal of industrial medicine EJv.1(1980)-
American journal of infection control EJv.8(1980)-v.35(2007)
American journal of medical genetics EJv.61(1996)-v.115(2002)
PSplit into: American journal of medical genetics Part A, B, C
American journal of medical genetics part A EJv.116A(2003)-
PFormerly: American journal of medical genetics
American journal of medical genetics part B: neuropsychiatric genetics EJv.116B(2003)-
PFormerly: American journal of medical genetics
American journal of medical genetics part C: seminars in medical genetics EJv.117C(2003)-
PFormerly: American journal of medical genetics
American journal of medicine EJv.102(1997)-v.120(2007)
American journal of medicine supplements EJv.117(2004)-v.118(2005)
American journal of molecular biology EJv.1(2011)-
American journal of neurodegenerative disease EJv.1(2012)-
American journal of neuroradiology EJv.16(1995)- (with 12 months delay)
American journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging EJv.1(2011)-
American journal of nursing EJv.1(1900)-v.112(2012)
American journal of obstetrics and gynecology EJv.172(1995)-v.197(2007)
American journal of ophthalmology EJv.119(1995)-v.144(2007)
American journal of orthodontics EJv.34(1948)-v.89(1986)
American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics EJv.90(1986)-v.132(2007)
American journal of orthodontics and oral surgery EJv.24(1938)-v.33(1947)
American journal of orthopsychiatry EJv.67(1997)-v.83(2013)
American journal of otolaryngology EJv.1(1979)-v.28(2007)
American journal of pathology EJv.153(1998)-
American journal of pediatric hematology/oncology EJv.1(1979)-v.16(1994)
American journal of perinatology reports EJv.1(2011)-
American journal of pharmaceutical education EJv.70(2006)-
American journal of physical anthropology EJv.99(1996)-
American journal of physical medicine EJv.31(1952)-v.66(1987)
American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation EJv.67(1988)-v.82(2003)
American journal of physiology EJv.1(1898)-v.231(1976)
American journal of physiology : cell physiology EJv.232(1977)-
American journal of physiology : endocrinology and metabolism EJv.232(1977)-
American journal of physiology : gastrointestinal and liver physiology EJv.238(1980)-
American journal of physiology : heart and circulatory physiology EJv.232(1977)-
American journal of physiology : lung cellular and molecular physiology EJv.257(2)(1989)-
American journal of physiology : regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology EJv.232(1977)-
American journal of physiology : renal physiology EJv.272(1997)-
American journal of physiology : renal- fluid and electrolyte physiology EJv.232(1977)-v.271(1996)
American journal of plant sciences EJv.1(2010)-
American journal of potato research EJv.75(1998)-
American journal of preventive medicine EJv.14(1998)-v.33(2007)
American journal of primatology EJv.38(1996)-
American journal of psychiatry EJv.154(1997)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Pv.149(1992)-v.153(1996), v.167(2010)-v.171(1-2)(2014) [lack v.169(2)]
American journal of public health EJv.1(1911)-v.92(1)(2002)
American journal of reproductive immunology EJv.43(2000)-
American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology EJv.10(1994)-v.43(2010)
American journal of stem cells EJv.1(2012)-
American journal of surgery EJv.1(1926)-v.194(2007)
American journal of the medical sciences EJv.1(1827)-v.326(2003)
American journal of therapeutics EJv.1(1994)-v.10(2003)
American journal of translational research EJv.1(2009)-
American journal of transplantation EJv.1(2001)-
American journal of tropical medicine EJv.1(1921)-v.31(1951)
PContinued by: American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene EJv.82(2010)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Pv.36(1987)-v.57(1997), v.72(2005)-v.85(2011)[lack v.45(4), v.49(1)]
PFormerly: American journal of tropical medicine
American journal on addictions EJv.6(1997)-
American malacological bulletin EJv.22(2007)-
American midland naturalist EJv.1(5)(1909)-v.172(2014)
American museum novitates EJno.3286(2000)-
American naturalist EJv.1(1867)-v.186(2015)
EJv.1(1867)-v.56(1922), v.149(1997)-
American potato journal EJv.3(1926)-v.74(1997)
American scientist EJv.30(2)(1942)-v.100(2012)
American statistician EJv.1(1947)-v.66(2012)
American zoologist EJv.1(1961)-v.41(2001)
Amino acids EJv.1(1991)-
Amyloid: the journal of protein folding disorders EJv.16(2009)-v.23(2016)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis EJv.7(2006)-v.13(2012)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis & frontotemporal degeneration EJv.14(2013)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other motor neuron disorders EJv.1(1999)-v.6(2005)
Anaerobe EJv.1(1995)-v.8(2002)
Anaesthesia EJv.52(1997)-
Analusis EJv.23(1995)-v.25(1997)
Analyst EJv.1(1876)-
Analytica chimica acta EJv.299(3)(1995)-
Analytical Abstracts EJv.37(1980)-
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry EJv.372(2002)-
PFormerly : Fresenius
Analytical biochemistry EJv.1(1960)-
Analytical cellular pathology EJv.13(1997)-v.25(2003)
PContinued by: Cellular oncology
Analytical chemistry EJv.19(1947)-
PFormerly: Industrial and engineering chemistry
Analytical chemistry insights EJv.1(2006)-
Analytical chemistry research EJv.1(2014)-v.12(2017)
Analytical methods EJv.1(2009)-
Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia EJv.26(1997)-
Anatomical record EJv.244(1996)-v.269(2002)
Pv.136(1960)-v.192(1978), v.217(1987)-v.219(1987) [lack v.157]
PContinued by : Anatomical record part A & B
Anatomical record part A: discoveries in molecular, cellular, and evolutionary biology EJv.270A(2003)-v.288A(2006)
PContinued by : Anatomical record: advances in integrative anatomy and evolutionary biology
Anatomical record part B: the new anatomist EJv.270B(2003)-v.289B(2006)
PContinued by : Anatomical record: advances in integrative anatomy and evolutionary biology
Anatomical record: advances in integrative anatomy and evolutionary biology EJv.290(2007)-
PFormerly : Anatomical record, part. A & B
Anatomy and embryology EJv.146(1974)-v.211(2006)
PFormerly: Zeitschrift fur Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte
PContinued by: Brain structure and function
Ancient science of life EJv.1(2)(1982)-
Andrologie EJv.29(1997)-
Andrology EJv.1(2013)-
Anesthesiology EJv.1(1940)- (with a 6 Month delay)
Angewandte chemie EJv.110(1998)-
Angewandte chemie international edition EJv.1(1962)-
PFormerly: Angewandte Chemie
Angewandte chemie international edition in English PContinued by: Angewandte chemie international edition
Angiogenesis EJv.1(1997)-
Angiologica EJv.1(1964)-v.10(1973)
Animal EJv.1(2007)-v.8(2014)
PMerger of: Animal science; Reproduction, nutrition, development; and: Animal research
Animal behaviour EJv.45(1993)-
PFormerly known as The British Journal of Animal Behaviour
Animal biology EJv.49(1999)- (with a 36 Month delay)
Animal biotechnology EJv.12(2001)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Animal biotelemetry EJv.1(2013)-
Animal blood groups and biochemical genetics EJv.1(1970)-v.16(1985)
PContinued by: Animal genetics
Animal conservation EJv.1(1998)-v.17(2014)
Animal feed science and technology EJv.51(1995)-v.139(2007)
Animal genetics EJv.17(1986)-v.45(2014)
PFormely: Animal blood groups and biochemical genetics
Animal kingdom Pv.64(1961)-v.78(1)(1975) [lack v.71(3-4)(1968)]
Animal nutrition EJv.1(2015)-
Animal reproduction science EJv.37(2)(1995)-
Animal research and development Pv.1(1977)-v.15(1982)
Animal science journal EJv.73(2002)-
Animal welfare EJv.4(2006)-
Animals EJv.1(2011)-
Annales academiae scientiarum fennicae series A Pno.91(1965)-no.180(1971)
Annales botanici Fennici EJv.45(2008)-
Annales de l'Institut Pasteur / Immunologie EJv.132(1981)-v.139(1988)
Annales de l'Institut Pasteur / Microbiologie EJv.134(1983)-v.139(1988)
Annales de l'Institut Pasteur / Virologie EJv.131(1980)-v.139(1988)
Annales zoologici EJv.58(2008)-
Annales zoologici Fennici EJv.45(2008)-
Annali di botanica EJv.53(1995)-
Annals of agricultural sciences EJv.56(2011)-
Annals of allergy, asthma & immunology EJv.76(1996)- (with 12 months delay)
Annals of anatomy EJv.177(1995)-
Annals of applied biology EJv.1(1914)-
Annals of behavioral medicine EJv.17(1995)-v.18(1996)
EJv.19(1997)- (with a 12 Month delay)
PFormerly: Behavioral medicine update
Annals of biomedical engineering EJv.1(1972)-
Annals of botany EJv.1(1887)-
Annals of clinical and translational neurology EJv.1(2014)-
Annals of clinical biochemistry EJv.38(2001)-v.43(2006)
PContinues: Proceedings of the Association of Clinical Biochemists
Annals of clinical microbiology and antimicrobials EJv.1(2002)-
Annals of diagnostic pathology EJv.1(1997)-v.11(2007)
Annals of emergency medicine EJv.9(1980)-
Annals of epidemiology EJv.1(1990)- (with 12 months delay)
Annals of eugenics EJv.1(1925)-v.18(1953)
Annals of general psychiatry EJv.1(2002)-
Annals of hematology EJv.62(1991)-
PFormerly: Blut
Annals of human biology EJv.26(1999)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Annals of human genetics EJv.19(1954)-
Annals of indian academy of neurology EJv.11(2008)-
Annals of intensive care EJv.1(2011)-
Annals of internal medicine EJv.137(2002)-v.144(5)(2006)
Pv.116(1992)-v.136(2002), v.148(9-12)(2008)-v.161(2014)
Annals of medical and health sciences research EJv.1(2011)-
Annals of neurology EJv.1(1977)-
Annals of noninvasive electrocardiology EJv.2(1997)-
Annals of nutrition and metabolism EJv.45(2)(2001)-v.67(4)(2015)
Annals of occupational hygiene EJv.1(1958)-v.60(2016)
Annals of oncology EJv.1(1990)-
Annals of physical and rehabilitation medicine EJv.52(2009)- (with 12 months delay)
Annals of physical medicine EJv.1(1952)-v.10(6)(1970)
Annals of science EJv.1(1936)-
Annals of surgical oncology EJv.1(1994)-
Annals of the carnegie museum EJv.74(2005)-
Annals of the Entomological Society of America EJv.89(1996)-
Pv.53(1960)-v.88(1995), v.103(2010) [lack v.73(3-4)(1980), v.88(1)(1995)]
Annals of the icrp EJv.1(1977)-v.37(2007)
PFormerly known as Annals of the ICRP/ICRP Publication
Annals of the Lyceum of natural history of New York EJv.1(1824)-v.11(1876)
PContinued by: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden EJv.1(1914)-v.100(2014)
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences EJv.1(1879)-
Annals of translational medicine EJv.1(2013)-
Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology EJv.91(1997)-v.102(2008)
Annals of vascular diseases EJv.1(2008)-
Annals of work exposures and health EJv.61(2017)-
Annotationes zoologicae japonenses 日本動物學彙報EJv.1(1897)-v.9(1920)
Annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. Proceedings EJv.45(2004)-
Annual reports on NMR spectroscopy EJv.1(1968)-v.40(1999)
Pv.6- [lack v.14] (See 圖書區, 索書號QD96.N8/A615)
Annual reports section B EJv.1(1967)-
Annual reports section C EJv.1(1979)-
Annual review of analytical chemistry EJv.1(2008)-
Annual review of animal biosciences EJv.1(2013)-
Annual review of biochemistry EJv.1(1932)-
Annual review of biomedical data science EJv.1(2018)-
Annual review of biomedical engineering EJv.1(1999)-
Annual review of biophysics EJv.37(2008)-
PFormerly : Annual review of biophysics and biomolecular structure
Annual review of biophysics and bioengineering EJv.1(1972)-v.13(1984)
PContinued by : Annual review of biophysics and biophysical chemistry
Annual review of biophysics and biomolecular structure EJv.21(1992)-v.36(2007)
PFormerly: Annual review of biophysics and biophysical chemistry
PContinued by: Annual Review of Biophysics
Annual review of biophysics and biophysical chemistry EJv.14(1985)-v.20(1991)
PFormerly: Annual review of biophysics and bioengineering
PContinued by: Annual review of biophysics and biomolecular structure
Annual review of cancer biology EJv.1(2017)-
Annual review of cell and developmental biology EJv.11(1995)-
PFormerly: Annual review of cell biology
Annual review of cell biology EJv.1(1985)-v.10(1994)
PContinued by: Annual review of cell and developmental biology
Annual review of chemical and biomolecular engineering EJv.1(2010)-
Annual review of clinical psychology EJv.1(2005)-
Annual review of ecology and systematics EJv.1(1970)-v.33(2002)
PContinued by: Annual review of ecology, evolution, and systematics
Annual review of ecology, evolution, and systematics EJv.34(2003)-
PFormerly: Annual review of ecology and systematics
Annual review of entomology EJv.1(1956)-
Annual review of fish diseases EJv.5(1995)-v.6(1996)
PIncorporated into Aquaculture
Annual review of food science and technology EJv.1(2010)-
Annual review of genetics EJv.1(1967)-
Annual review of genomics and human genetics EJv.1(2000)-
Annual review of immunology EJv.1(1983)-
Annual review of marine science EJv.1(2009)-
Annual review of materials research EJv.28(1998)-v.35(2005)
Annual review of medicine EJv.1(1950)-
Annual review of microbiology EJv.1(1947)-
Annual review of neuroscience EJv.1(1978)-
Annual review of nutrition EJv.1(1981)-
Annual review of pathology EJv.1(2006)-
Annual review of pharmacology EJv.1(1961)-v.15(1975)
PContinued by: Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology EJv.16(1976)-
PFormerly: Annual review of pharmacology
Annual review of physiology EJv.1(1939)-
Annual review of phytopathology EJv.1(1963)-
Annual review of plant biology EJv.53(2002)-
PFormerly: Annual review of plant physiology and plant molecular biology
Annual review of plant physiology EJv.1(1950)-v.38(1987)
PContinued by : Annual review of plant physiology and plant molecular biology
Annual review of plant physiology and plant molecular biology EJv.39(1988)-v.52(2001)
PFromerly : Annual review of plant physiology
Annual review of psychology EJv.1(1950)-
Annual review of public health EJv.1(1980)-
Annual review of statistics and its application EJv.1(2014)-
Annual review of virology EJv.1(2014)-
Annual review of vision science EJv.1(2015)-
Anthropozoologica EJv.44(2009)-
Anti-cancer drug design Pv.5(1990)-v.16(2001) [lack v.6(1)]
Antibiotics EJv.1(2012)-
Antibodies EJv.1(2012)-
Antibody, immunoconjugates, and radiopharmaceuticals Pv.3(1990)-v.8(1995)
Anticancer drugs EJv.1(1990)-v.14(2003)
Anticancer research EJv.24(2004)-
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy EJv.1(1972)-
Antimicrobial resistance & infection control EJv.1(2012)-
Antimicrobic newsletter EJv.1(1984)-v.9(1992)
Antimicrobics and infectious diseases newsletter EJv.13(1994)
Antioxidants EJv.1(2012)-
Antioxidants & redox signaling EJv.1(1999)-
Antisense and nucleic acid drug development EJv.6(1996)-v.13(3)(2003)
PContinued by: Oligonucleotides
PFormerly: Antisense research and development
Antisense research and development EJv.1(1991)-v.5(1995)
PContinued by: Antisense and nucleic acid drug development
Antiviral research EJv.1(1981)-
Antonie van leeuwenhoek EJv.1(1934)-
ANZ journal of surgery EJv.67(1997)-
PFormerly: Australian and New Zealand journal of surgery
Anzeiger für schädlingskunde (1999) EJv.72(1999)-v.76(2003)
Anzeiger für schädlingskunde und pflanzenschutz EJv.41(1968)-v.45(1972)
Anzeiger für schädlingskunde, pflanzen- und umweltschutz EJv.46(1973)-v.47(1974)
Anzeiger für schädlingskunde, pflanzenschutz, umweltschutz EJv.48(1975)-v.71(1998)
AoB plants EJv.2009(2009)-
Apmis EJv.105(1997)-
Apoptosis EJv.1(1996)-
Appetite EJv.1(1980)-v.39(2002)
Application of clinical genetics EJv.1(2008)-
Applications in plant sciences EJv. 1 (2013) - v. 5 (2017)
Applied & translational genomics EJv.1(2012)-v.11(2016)
Applied and environmental microbiology EJv.31(1976)-
Applied and preventive psychology EJv.1(1992)-v.3(1994)
Applied animal behaviour science EJv.42(3)(1995)-108(2007)
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology EJv.6(1981)-
Applied catalysis A-general EJv.121(1995)-
PFormerly part of Applied Catalysis
Applied catalysis B-environmental EJv.5(3)(1995)-
PFormerly part of Applied Catalysis
Applied cognitive psychology EJv.10(1996)-
Applied entomology and zoology EJv.1(1966)-v.45(2010)
Applied ergonomics EJv.26(1995)-
Applied geochemistry EJv.1(1986)-
Applied Geography EJv.1(1981)-
Applied health economics and health policy EJv.6(4)(2008)-v.13(3)(2015)
Applied human science: journal of physiological anthropology EJv.14(1995)-v.18(1999)
Applied immunohistochemistry & molecular morphology EJv.7(1999)-v.11(2003)
Applied microbiology EJv.1(1953)-v.30(1975)
Applied microbiology and biotechnology EJv.19(1984)-
PFormerly: European journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology
Applied nanoscience EJv.1(2011)-
Applied nursing research EJv.8(1995)-v.20(2007)
Applied ocean research EJv.1(1979)-
Applied organometallic chemistry EJv.10(1996)-
Applied psychology EJv.46(1997)-
Applied psychology: health and well-being EJv.1(2009)-
Applied psychophysiology and biofeedback EJv.22(1997)-
PFormerly: Biofeedback and self-regulation
Applied radiation and isotopes EJv.46(1995)-
Applied sciences EJv.1(2011)-
Applied soil ecology EJv.1(1994)-
Applied statistics PSee: Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series C
Applied surface science EJv.84(1995)-
PFormerly known as Applications of Surface Science
Applied thermal engineering EJv.16(1996)-
Applied vegetation science EJv.1(1998)-
APS journal EJv.1(1992)-v.3(1994)
Aqua: international journal of ichthyology Pv.19(2013)-v.22(2016)
Aquaculture EJv.129(1995)-
PIncorporating Annual Review of Fish Diseases
Aquaculture economics & management EJv.1(1997)-
Aquaculture international EJv.1(1993)-
Aquaculture nutrition EJv.3(1997)-
Aquaculture research EJv.28(1997)-
Aquaculture, aquarium, conservation & legislation - International Journal of the Bioflux Society EJv.1(2008)-
Aquatic biosystems EJv.8(2012)-
Aquatic botany EJv.1(1975)- (with 12 months delay)
Aquatic conservation EJv.6(1996)-
Aquatic ecology EJv.31(1997)-
Aquatic mammals EJv.31(2005)-
Aquatic sciences: research across boundaries EJv.51(1989)-
Aquatic toxicology EJv.1(1981)-
Aquila Pv.71(1964)-v.90(1983) [lack v.87]
Arabian journal of chemistry EJv.2(2009)-
Arabidopsis book EJv.1(2002)-
Arachnology EJv.14(2007)-
Archaea EJv.1(2002)-
Archiv der pharmazie EJv.329(1996)-
Archiv für die gesamte physiologie des menschen und der tiere EJv.1(1868)-v.131(1910)
Archiv fur die gesamte virusforschung EJv.1(1939)-v.46(1974)
PContinued by: Archives of virology
Archiv für Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen EJv.1(1894)-v.52(1923)
Archiv für gewerbepathologie und gewerbehygiene EJv.1(1930)-v.18(1961)
Archiv fur hydrobiologie EJv.156(2002)-v.159(2004)
Pv.117(1990)-v.155(2001) [lack v.117(1-2), v.142(2), v.143(1, 2, 4)]
Archiv fur hydrobiologie. Supplementband, algological studies Pv.1(1970)-v.37(1984), v.40(1985)-v.48(1988), v.50-53(1988), v.58(1990)-v.110(2003) [lack v.80, v.86-91, v.107]
Archiv fur protistenkunde Pv.138(1990)-v.148(1997)
PContinued by: Protist
Archiv für psychiatrie und nervenkrankheiten EJv.1(1868)-v.233(1983)
Archiv fur Toxikologie EJv.1(1930)-v.31(1973)
PContinued by: Archives of toxicology
Archives for dermatological research EJv.253(1975)-v.260(1977)
PFormerly: Archiv fur dermatologische Forschung
PContinued by: Archives of dermatological research
Archives internationales de physiologie, de biochimie et de biophysique Pv.92(1984)-v.95(1987)
Archives of agronomy and soil science EJv.41(1997)-
Archives of animal nutrition EJv.50(1997)- (with a 18 Month delay)
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics EJv.31(1951)-
Archives of cardiovascular diseases EJv.101(2008)- (with 12 months delay)
Archives of cardiovascular diseases supplements EJv.1(2009)- (with 12 months delay)
Archives of clinical neuropsychology EJv.1(1986)-v.23(2008)
Archives of dermatological research EJv.261(1978)-
PFormerly: Archives for dermatological research
Archives of disease in childhood EJv.1(1926)-v.90(2005)
Archives of disease in childhood. Fetal and neonatal edition EJv.70(1994)-v.90(2005)
Archives of environmental contamination and toxicology EJv.1(1973)-
Archives of general psychiatry EJv.55(1998)-v.69(2012)
Pv.50(1993)-v.54(1997) [lack v.52(11)]
Archives of gerontology and geriatrics EJv.1(1982)-
Archives of gynecology EJv.226(1978)-v.240(1987)
Archives of gynecology and obstetrics EJv.241(1987)-
Archives of insect biochemistry and physiology EJv.1(1983)-v.87(2014)
Archives of internal medicine EJv.158(1998)-v.172(2012)
Archives of medical research EJv.30(1999)-v.38(2007)
Archives of microbiology=Archiv für Mikrobiologie EJv.95(1974)-
PFormerly : Archiv fur Mikrobiologie
Archives of neurology EJv.55(1998)-v.69(2012)
Archives of oral biology EJv.1(1959)-v.52(2007)
Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery EJv.108(1989)-
Archives of orthopaedic and traumatic surgery EJv.91(1978)-v.107(1988)
Archives of oto-rhino-laryngology EJv.206(1973)-v.246(1989)
PFormerly: Archiv fur klinische und experimentelle Ohren- Nasen- und Kehlkopfheilkunde
PContinued by: European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology
Archives of pathology and laboratory medicine EJv.127(2003)-
PContinues: Archives of pathology
Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation EJv.76(1995)- (with 12 months delay)
Archives of physiology and biochemistry EJv.106(1998)- (with a 18 Month delay)
PContinued by: Archives internationales de physiologie, de biochimie et de biophysique
Archives of psychiatric nursing EJv.9(1995)-v.21(2007)
Archives of public health EJv.67(2009)-
Archives of sexual behavior EJv.1(1971)-
EJv.21(1992)- (with a 12 Month delay)
Archives of toxicology=Archiv für Toxikologie EJv.32(1974)-
PFormerly: Archiv fur Toxikologie
Archives of virology=Archiv für die gesamte Virusforschung EJv.47(1975)-
PFormerly: Archiv fur die gesamte Virusforschung
Arctic and alpine research EJv.1(1969)-v.30(1998)
Arctic, antarctic, and alpine research EJv.35(2003)-v.49(2017)
Ardea EJv.95(2007)-
Ardeola EJv.58(2011)-
Arkivoc EJv.2000(2000)-
Arteriosclerosis EJv.1(1981)-v.10(1990)
Arteriosclerosis and thrombosis EJv.11(1991)-v.14(1994)
PFormerly: Arteriosclerosis
PContinued by: Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology EJv.15(1995)-
PFormerly: Arteriosclerosis and thrombosis
Arthritis & rheumatology EJv.66(2014)-
Arthritis and rheumatism EJv.1(1958)-v.65(2013)
Arthritis care & research EJv.12(1999)-
Arthropod management tests EJv.24(1999)-
Arthropod structure and development EJv.29(2000)-
PFormerly known as International Journal of Insect Morphology and Embryology
Arthroscopy techniques EJv.1(2012)-
Artificial cells blood substitutes and biotechnology EJv.31(2003)-v.40(2012)
Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes, & Immobilization Biotechnology EJv.29(2001)-v.30(2002)
Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology EJv.41(2013)-
Artificial intelligence in medicine EJv.1(1989)-v.41(2007)
Artificial organs EJv.21(1997)-
Arts in psychotherapy EJv.7(1980)-
PFormerly known as Art Psychotherapy
ASAIO journal EJv.38(1992)-v.49(2003)
ASAIO transactions EJv.32(1986)-v.37(1991)
Asia Pacific biotech news EJv.5(2001)-v.18(2014)
Asia Pacific family medicine EJv.7(2008)-
Asia Pacific heart journal EJv.5(2)(1996)-v.8(1999)
Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition EJv.1(1992)-
Asia Pacific journal of thoracic & cardiovascular surgery EJv.3(1994)-v.5(1)(1996)
Asia-Pacific journal of chemical engineering EJv.1(2006)-
Asia-Pacific journal of clinical oncology EJv.1(2005)-
Asian journal of organic chemistry EJv.1(2012)-v.2(2013)
Asian journal of pharmaceutical sciences EJv.8(2013)-
Asian journal of social psychology EJv.1(1998)-
Asian journal of surgery EJv.25(2)(2002)-
Asian nursing research EJv.1(2007)-
Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention EJv.1(2000)-
Asian Pacific journal of reproduction EJv.1(2012)-v.5(2016)
Asian Pacific journal of tropical biomedicine EJv.8(2018)-
Asian pacific journal of tropical medicine EJv.3(2010)-v.10(2017)
ASN neuro EJv.1(2009)-
Aspects of applied biology Pv.31- [lack v.] (See 圖書區, 索書號QH301/A652)
Assay and drug development technologies EJv.1(2002)-v.12(2014)
Assessing writing EJv.2(1995)-
Association medical journal EJv.1(1853)-v.4(1856)
PFormerly: London journal of medicine
PContinued by: British medical journal
Astrobiology EJv.1(2001)-v.14(2014)
Atherosclerosis EJv.11(1970)-
Atherosclerosis reviews Pv.14, v.16-25 (See 圖書區, 索書號WG550/A8684)
Atherosclerosis supplements EJv.1(2000)- (with 12 months delay)
Atmospheric environment EJv.28(1994)-
PIncorporating Atmospheric EnvironmentPart AGeneral Topics and Atmospheric EnvironmentPart BUrban Atmosphere
Atmospheric environment (1967) EJv.1(1967)-v.23(1989)
Atmospheric environment. Part A, General topics EJv.24(1990)-v.27(1993)
Atmospheric environment. Part B, Urban atmosphere EJv.24(1990)-v.27(1993)
Audiology and neurotology extra EJv.1(2011)-
Auk EJv.117(2000)-
Auris nasus larynx EJv.22(1995)-v.34(2007)
Austral ecology EJv.25(2000)-v.39(2014)
Austral entomology EJv.1(1962)-
Australasian emergency nursing journal EJv.8(2005)-v.10(2007)
Australasian journal of cardiac and thoracic surgery EJv.1(1991)-v.2(1993)
Australasian journal of dermatology EJv.38(1997)-
Australasian journal on ageing EJv.14(1997)-
Australasian psychiatry EJv.6(4)(1998)-v.19(2011)
Australasian radiology EJv.41(1997)-v.51(2007)
Australasian science EJv.19(6)(1998)-
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