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 Date : 2022/08/15 No:292 

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The Role of Genetics Loci in Gene Expression(In Chinese)


8/16 IBMS Seminar
Topic:Precision health for everyone: from big data research, translational study to microbiota approach
Speaker:Dr. Wu, Chun-Ying
Date:2022-08-16 13:30 ~ 14:30
Place:B1B lecture room, IBMS
8/16 IBC Seminar
Topic:Molecular insights into a T4-like coliphage using WALC, a novel method for iterative segmented cryo-EM reconstruction
Speaker:Dr. Matthias Wolf
Date:2022-08-16 14:00 ~ 15:00
Place: IBC R209
8/17 IBMS Seminar
Topic:How do the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex cooperate in memory processing?
Speaker:Dr. Jyh-Jang Sun
Date:2022-08-17 11:00 ~ 12:00
Place:B1B lecture room, IBMS
8/18 IBMS Seminar
Topic:Role of Rrm2b in interplay between stem cells and niche to regulate muscle regeneration with age
Speaker:Dr. Yi-Fan Chen
Date:2022-08-18 16:00 ~ 17:00
Place:Webex Only
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