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人肉搜索 2 失蹤搜救
洞見未來 : 勾勒美好新境界
10秒英聽高效訓練 : 60天大幅提升你的英語聽力
3分鐘鬆鬆筋膜.解痛伸展: 腰痠背痛.肩頸痠疼.骨盆歪斜.媽媽手全部消失
Adenosine A2A receptor antagonists
Adoption as a lifelong process : a psychiatric analysis
Advances in Clinical Chemistry.v.116
Advances in microbiology, infectious diseases and public health.Volume 16
Advances in Virus Research.v.117
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.v.1527
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.v.1528
Antioxidant defense in plants
Atlas of perioperative 3D transesophageal echocardiography
Basics of hematopoietic stem cell transplant
Bioprocess and analytics development for virus-based advanced therapeutics and medicinal products (ATMPs)
Biosynthesis of bioactive compounds in medicinal and aromatic plants
Cilia : methods and protocols
Circulating Tumor Cells, from Biotech Innovation to Clinical Utility
Comprehensive healthcare simulation : pharmacy education, practice and research
Crystallography of protein dynamics
Deadenylation : methods and protocols
Deep technology for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
Epigenetic mechanisms of cell programming and reprogramming
Evidence-based functional foods for prevention of age-related diseases
Evolution of fungi and fungal-like organisms
Extracellular vesicles in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
Food allergens : methods and protocols
Forest science : sustainable processes and wood products
Functional Microbiomes II
Gerontechnology : a clinical perspective
Haematococcus : biochemistry, biotechnology and biomedical applications
Handbook of chemical biology of nucleic acids
Hypnic headache : diagnosis and treatment
In-flight medical emergencies : a practical guide to preparedness and response
Machine learning in biological sciences
Methods in Enzymology. v.687
Microbial Biocontrol: Sustainable Agriculture and Phytopathogen Management
Microbial biotechnology for renewable and sustainable energy
Microbiomes for the management of agricultural sustainability
Microplastic occurrence, fate, impact, and remediation
Modern methods of drug design and development
Multifunctional microbial biosurfactants
Nano-biofortification for human and environmental health
Nanomaterials for environmental and agricultural sectors
Nanomaterials from agricultural and horticultural products
Nanowired delivery of drugs and antibodies for neuroprotection in brain diseases with co-morbidity factors
Nanowired delivery of drugs and antibodies for neuroprotection in brain diseases with co-morbidity factors. Part B
Oncodermatology : an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to best practices
PET/CT in breast cancer
Phage Therapy. Part A
Phage therapy. Part B
Plant-based therapeutics.
Practical guide to visualizing medicine : a self-assessment manual
Pseudomonas aeruginosa : methods and protocols
Radiation oncology and radiotherapy. Part C
Radiation therapy of benign diseases
Regulatory aspects of gene therapy and cell therapy products
Resilience : The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges
Reverse engineering of regulatory networks
Segmentectomy for early-stage lung cancer
Single molecule analysis : methods and protocols
Statistical methods at the forefront of biomedical advances
Stem cell and non-stem cell components of breast milk
Steroid biochemistry
Stratigraphy of geo- and biodynamic processes
Technology for drug safety : current status and future developments
The bacterial cell wall : methods and protocols
The Enzymes.v.53
The equids : a suite of splendid species
The new science of medicine & management
Therapeutic proteins : methods and protocols
Tortuosity and microstructure effects in porous media
Transfusion medicine : case studies and clinical management
Treatment-resistant depression. Part B
Vagus nerve stimulation
Valorization of Wastes/by-products in the Design of Functional Foods/Supplements
Vascular hyperpermeability : methods and protocols
Yeasts: From Nature to Bioprocesses
催眠, 不是讓你睡:這一刻起, 你都要聽我的!一位催眠師的診間手札
吳明珠教你養好心: 再強壯的人都經不起一次心臟跳電!注意6大症狀X護心大法,平常顧好心,遠離心血管.心臟病威脅!
因為溝通太複雜, 所以需要談判心理學:你的每一個動作或表情, 在對手眼中都有重大意義
小蘇打的驚人療效:臨床實證, 從感冒、胃酸過多、氣喘、糖尿病、高血壓到癌症, 都能神奇治療!
打造防疫共同體: 解析COVID-19醫藥.人權.大數據與前瞻政策
稱王的病: 自律神經失調
給孩子的神奇仿生科學: 醫療.再生能源.環保塑膠.永續建築......未來厲害科技都是偷學大自然的!
行動行銷的12堂關鍵必修課: 社群.APP.LINE.大數據.抖音.元宇宙.Mobile SEO.GA到GA4
超高效 Google 雲端應用: 打造競爭優勢的必勝工作術
醫生說「請你運動!」時,最強對症運動指南 : 日本首席體能訓練師教你:1次5分鐘,釋放身體痠痛疲勞,降中風.心臟病死亡率!
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