How do I, a member in Division of Life Sciences of Academia Sinica, to use LSL databases at home?

Please login VPN to use WEB Browser databases


IPA Database System Requirements


  • Operating System:
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7
    • Windows XP SP2 or later*
  • Browser:
    • Internet Explorer 6 or later
    • Firefox 5 or later
    • Chrome 10 or later
    • Safari 5.05 or later
  • Java (JRE):
    • JRE 1.6.0_xx
    • JRE 1.7.0_xx


  • Operating System:
    • macOS Mojave
    • macOS High Sierra
    • macOS Sierra
  • Browser:
    • Firefox 5 or later
    • Chrome 10 or later
    • Safari 5.05 or later
  • Java (JRE):
    • JRE 1.6.0_xx
    • JRE 1.7.0_xx


  • PC – 1.25GHz, 2GB RAM (for lightweight usage of IPA)***
  • PC – 2GHz, 4GB RAM (Recommended)
  • Mac – 1.25GHz, 2GB RAM (for lightweight usage of IPA)***
  • Mac – 2GHz, 4 GB RAM (Recommended)
  • Minimum Screen Resolution of 1024×768

For Advanced Analytics (Causal Network Analysis and BioProfiler):

  • CoreTM i5 processor or equivalent running at 2 GHz or higher with 64 bit OS and Java
  • Minimum least 3 GB RAM free for Java
  • Minimum Screen resolution of 1280×800


How do I find the Impact Factor of journal after its title changed?

Select at least last two years in "Select a JCR edition and year"


How do I quickly clear all set conditions?

Click「 Clear Filters」 to clear the previously set conditions


How do I access the pdf files from Wiley Life Science ebooks series?

Please click browser : Tools --> Preferences --> Cookies --> Advanced --> select "Overwrite cookie"

How do I print over 20 pages of a chapter from Taylor & Francis ebooks

Please Logout and Login again, then continue to print another pages


Micorsoft Word

Problems find in Microsoft Office Word?

How do I see the EndNote toolbar in Word 2010 (32 bit only)?

  • Within Microsoft Word 2010 go to the Office icon in the upper left, and click “Word Options” at the bottom of this window.
  • Click on the Add-ins option on the left hand side
  • Click on the drop-down menu next to Manage and select Word Add-ins
  • Click Go and this will open the Templates and Add-ins screen so you can look at the files that are checked in the box below

How do I merge word documents with EndNote field codes?

Copy the citations with field codes (not the references) and paste them to the new location


What should I do if I cannot find the style (for PC) I want in EndNote?

Find the proper styles in EndNote Website?

Please go to EndNote Website to search for the style you want. Click on desired style file and save it to C:\Program Files\EndNote X3\Styles

What should I do if I cannot find styles for the BiomedCentral Journals?

Key in "[the Jounal name you want to submit articles] [management software]" in Google. Search "EndNote style file" in selected page and save to C:\Program Files\EndNote X3\Styles

When I use Endnote X9 to import a citation from google scholar or some publishers' website, the journal name is black?

Please download this EndNote Import filter and save it in C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote X9\Filters\EndNote Import.enf

Database Application

How do I import citations into Endnote from different databases?

CSA (includes Agricola,ASFA Aquatic Database,Biological Sciences )

  • Select the citations you want to import
  • Click [Save, Print, Email] and save as a text file
  • Open EndNote, Click File > Import the file, and choose MEDLINE (CSA) filter

Zoological Record

Please select PsyCINFO (OvidSP) filter to import

How do I import citations into Endnote from Academia Sinica Library Catalogs?

Copy TITLE to Academia Sinica Online Search in Endnote to search and import

How do I search Agricultural Science, ASFA and Biological Sciences databases in EndNote Online Search function?

Please download this connection file, save it in Program Files(x86) folder -> EndNote folder -> Connections folder. Now, you can search these three databases in EndNote Online Search function


Problems find in Endnote?

Do I have to import Journals Term List every time when I create a new EndNote library?

This needs to be done for each of your new libraries, ideally before you begin to import references into your library

In EndNote, how do I show author's full name in citations?

Click Edit → Output Style → Edit "your selected style" → Bibliography → Author Name → select "Full Name" on Initials

In EndNote, is it possible to set the number of author names I want to display in citations?

Click Edit → Output Styles → Open Style Manager → your selected style → Edit your selected style → Bibliography→ Author Lists→ Abbreviated Author List → fill in the number you want to display

How do I add more databases to Online Search in EndNote?

Click "More" in Online Search to add connections

How do I add more databases which is not located in "More" section to Online Search in EndNote?ex:ASC (Academic Search Complete)?

  • Go to EndNote Website
  • Sort by: database and click Re-sort Files
  • Scrolling down to find ASC (Academic Search Complete)
  • Download the conneciton file to C:\Program Files\EndNote X3\Connections

How do I download the PDF of an article and attach it to an EndNote record?

  • Select the reference of interest and Right-click on it
  • Click on: 『Find Full Text / Find Full Text ... 』The PDF of the article will be automatically located, downloaded to your computer, and attached to the EndNote record. Open the record to find the link and access the PDF
  • Alternatively, after selecting the article of interest, click on the EndNote toolbar icon for "Finding Full Text"


Prism downloads update, but doesn't actually update

There is a known issue that may occur when updating Prism on Windows. You may experience this issue when updating Prism to a newer version using the software update feature. After clicking the "Install Update" button in the Software Update dialog, Prism downloads the update, then Prism quits and nothing happens.

This issue may occur with Prism versions 7.05-8.3.0 on Windows 10 with the security intelligence update of Windows Defender Antivirus from mid-January 2020. Note that we have not seen this issue on Windows 8 and older.

IMPORTANT: there is nothing wrong with Prism's update files. Updating from any Prism version worked fine until mid-January 2020, when Microsoft introduced a particular Security intelligence update for Windows Defender Antivirus. There were numerous Defender updates released in mid-January 2020. While it is unclear exactly which Defender update introduced the issue with Prism, we can confirm that the issue can be reproduced with Defender's security update 1.307.2308.0 released on 01/14/2020. Note that we have not seen this issue when using Defender's update 1.307.2269.0 (released on 01/13/2020) or older updates to Windows Defender.

This issue has been resolved in Prism 8.3.1. We urge you to update to this version of the software so that in the future you can seamlessly update to future versions of Prism.

There are several ways to update to Prism 8.3.1 if you are experiencing this issue:

  • Temporarily turn off Windows Defender before updating to Prism
    • Quit Prism
    • Turn off Windows Defender
    • Start Prism and perform the update
    • After Prism has been updated, be sure to turn Windows Defender on again
  • Download the Prism 8.3.1 installer directly
    • You can download the Prism 8.3.1 installer directly from the Updates page. After downloading the installer, run it to update Prism.
  • Install update from the downloaded file
    If you have already clicked 'Install Update' in Prism's Software Update dialog, Prism will have successfully downloaded the updater. However, due to the issue described on this page, it will have been blocked from launching by Windows Defender.
    You can find the file on your computer and manually run it. To do so:
    • Open the folder: 'system disk:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\Temp'. Note that the AppData folder is hidden by default. To display hidden files and folders follow the instructions
    • Locate the file 'webinstallprism8.exe'
    • Double click the file to run it

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