• New Books
    • New Book Display Period
      • Display period ends in 14 days. After that, new books will be withdrawn on the next day.
    • Rules for Placing a Hold on Book
      • Only new books on display or books in circulation can be placed a hold.
      • A new book which no longer on display will be loaned to the patron who made the first hold. After that, the patron who made the second hold will receive the book and so on. A reserved book will be kept for the current rightful patron for 3 days only. After the reserving period, the reserved book will either be transferred to the next rightful patron or directly to the library bookshelf.
    • How to Place a Hold?
      • While on-line, you can click on the Book Name directly and input your name and personal ID to place a hold on a new book. Or, you can go to the circulation desk of Life Science Library instead to make the reservation.
    • Benefit for the Requester
      • The requesters who recommend new books will have the first priority to receive the books they recommend after they are withdrawn from the display zone. Further more, the recommenders can keep the books for a period of 14 days.
  • Back Books
    • When browsing the books not on display, you cannot place a hold on-line if they are currently in the library.
  • If you want to request a purchase, please see rule for Request a Purchase
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