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 Date : 2022/07/04 No:289 

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Period: 2022-07-04 ~ 2022-07-11
Significant Research Achievements of poster show Dr. Na-Sheng Lin、Dr. Che-Ming (Jack) Hu
Significant Research Achievements of poster show Dr. Na-Sheng Lin、Dr. Che-Ming (Jack) Hu

Date: 7/04/2022-07/31/2022
Place: Life Science Library
Turnitin maintenance
Turnitin maintenance

Turnitin will be unavailable during our Latest Release 07:00~15:00 July 9, 2022.

Training Courses

The Role of Genetics Loci in Gene Expression(In Chinese)
Chia-Ni Hsiung, Academia Sinica Data Science Statistical Cooperation Center. Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica.
B1 Auditorium, Institute of Statistical Science
Turnitin training course for instructor (In English)(online)
Ms.Weichi Dai (iGroup Taiwan)
Sample size calculation(In Chinese)
Ms. Yi-Ting Huang (Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica)

Database Introduction

Journal Citation Report (JCR) 2022 Released
Clarivate launchd the 2022 edition of JCR (2021 data), featuring the latest refinements and additions to the journal intelligence platform’s existing store of resources.


7/5 IBMS Seminar
Topic:Pathological Role of Membrane SCUBE1 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Speaker:Binay Kumar Sahoo
Date:2022-07-05 09:30 ~ 10:30
Place:B1C Lecture Room (Basement, Old Building), IBMS
7/6 IBMS Seminar
Topic:SARS-CoV-2 Enters and Egresses from the Human Nasal Epithelium Through the Cilia and Microvilli
Speaker:Dr. Chien-Ting Wu
Date:2022-07-06 11:00 ~ 12:00
Place:Webex only
7/6, 7/20 BioTReC Seminar
Topic:2022 NBRP Academy x Tiger Accelerator Masterclass
Speaker:Steef al.
Date:2022-07-06 15:00 ~ 17:00; 2022-07-06 15:00 ~ 17:00
7/8 IPMB Seminar
Topic:HOMEODOMAIN-LIKE protein (HDL)-mediated chromosome compaction modulates leaf epidermal patterning
Speaker:Mr. Ansar Ali, Ms. Chi Kuan
Date:2022-07-08 10:30
Place:A134 & A133 (Synchronous Broadcasting)
7/12 ICOB Seminar
mohamed Hassan@Pixabay
Topic:Asynthetic Fission in the Zebrafish Skin Epidermis
Speaker:Dr. Chan Keat Ying
Date:2022-07-12 11:00~12:00
Place:1F, Auditorium, ICOB (also available online through Webex)
7/13 IBMS Seminar
Topic:Leveraging genomic shared segments of relatedness in a large-scale biobank to understand the genetic architecture of human disease
Speaker:Dr.Hung-Hsin Chen
Date:2022-07-13 10:00 ~ 11:00
Place:Webex only
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