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 Date : 2022/01/24 No:279 

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Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Life Science Library is closed from Jan. 31 through Feb. 4 for the Lunar New Year holidays. Happy New Year.
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Period: 2022-01-24 ~ 2022-01-31
Awards & Honors
Awards & Honors

1. Congratulations to Dr. Shih-Hsiung Wu, Distinguished Research Fellow of IBC, receive 2021 MOST Research Fellows Award.
2. Congratulations to Dr. Woan-Yuh Tarn, Research Fellow of IBMS, being awarded for the 2021 Outstanding Scholar Awards from The Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship.

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HSTalks New Releases
HSTalks New Releases

HSTalks: The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection 1.2021 highlights
2.New Releases for January, 2022


Blog: EndNote solution: the journal names in the bibliography are different (II)


1/26 ICOB Seminar
Topic:A Photo-Switchable Assay System for Dendrite Degeneration and Repair in Drosophila melanogaster
Speaker:Dr. Han-Hsuan Liu
Date:2022-01-26 10:00-11:00
Place:1F, Auditorium, ICOB
2/14 IBC Seminar
Topic:Deciphering the roles of glycans and galectins in human diseases facilitated by the glycobiology core facility
Speaker:Dr. Hung-Lin Chen
Date:2022-02-14 11:00 ~ 12:00
Place:209 Seminar Room, IBC

Important Research

Modular evolution of secretion systems and virulence plasmids in a bacterial species complex
In biology, “species” is the basic unit for description and research of different organisms. However, many named species as defined in current bacterial taxonomy correspond to species complexes, in which the species boundaries and relationships among species are uncertain. Such uncertainties not only hamper research, but can also impact the identification of pathogens or even policy-making for quarantine regulations. To solve this challenge, an international team led by Chih-Horng Kuo in the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) utilized the Agrobacterium tumefaciens species complex as the study system and devised strategies for genomic analysis. These bacteria are known for their phytopathogenicity, as well as a critical tool for genetic manipulation in plant sciences and agricultural biotechnology......
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