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 Date : 2022/04/25 No:284 

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New Books
Period:2022-04-25 ~ 2022-05-02
Awards & Honors
Awards & Honors

Congratulations to Dr. Ho-Wei Wu for receiving the 2021 Professor Chu-Yung Lin Best Plant Biology PhD Thesis Award.(IPMB)
Congratulation to Dr. Chin-Min Ho received the 2021 Outstanding Young Scholar Award from the Taiwan Society of Plant Biology.(IPMB)
Congratulation to Dr. Pao-Yang Chen received the 2021 Professor CY Lin Memorial Award for Innovative Research Program from the CY Lin Foundation for Plant Science and Education.(IPMB)
Significant Research Achievements of poster show Dr. Ming-Zong Lai、Dr. Yu-Liang Yang
Significant Research Achievements of poster show Dr. Ming-Zong Lai、Dr. Yu-Liang Yang

Date: 04/25/2022-05/22/2022
Place: Life Science Library

Training Courses

Story of Causality: A Poem composed by Philosophers, Statisticians, and Computer Scientists.
Dr.June Lai(Institute of Statistical Science,Academia Sinica)
209 Seminar Room, IBC
Taiwan Biobank and genomic implementation(In Chinese)
Dr.Ming-Wei Su(Group Leader, Taiwan Biobank)

Database Introduction

HSTalks New Releases
HSTalks: The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection New Releases for April.
Database Trial
Database Trial

Title: CNKI
Time: 20222/4/30 ~ 2022/6/2

Title: Naxos music library Series
Time: Current until June 24

Video Service

Welcome to browse the video service of LSL courses
IPA Introductory Training Course (in Chinese and in English)

Turnitin training course for student (in Chinese and in English)

GraphPad Prism 9 Statistical Analysis 1-The Null Hypothesis and Basic GraphPad 9 Use(in English)

English for Academic Purposes(in Chinese)


Book Recommendation: Power in the Wild
In his new book, Power in the Wild, Lee Alan Dugatkin provides a timely and fascinating review of the nature and richness of animal power......


4/28 IBMS Seminar
Topic:Frontal cortex neuromodulatory dynamics in learning and decision making
Speaker:Dr. Jen Hau Yang
Date:2022-04-28 11:00 ~ 12:00

Place:B1C Lecture Room, IBMS
4/28-29 BioTReC Seminar
Topic:NBRP DEMO DAY + Trends Forum
Place:Biotech talent capital
4/29 IPMB Seminar
Topic:Xylaria fungi from termite nests
Speaker:Dr. Yu-Ming Ju
Date:2022-04-29 11:00 ~ 12:00
Place:Auditorium A134 & A133 (Synchronous Broadcasting) Agricultural Technology Building, Academia Sinica
4/29 BRC Seminar
Topic:Population Genomics of Natural Saccharomyces Yeast in Taiwan
Speaker:Ms. Tracy Jiaye Lee
Date:2022-04-29 10:00 ~ 11:00
Place:Auditorium, 1st Floor, Interdisciplinary Research Building
5/3 IMB Seminar
Topic:Synapses from AD to SCZ: convergent mechanisms in Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia
Speaker:Dr. Morgan Sheng
Date:2022-05-03 09:00 ~ 10:00
Place:IMB B1 Auditorium
5/4 IPMB Seminar
Topic:Negative regulation plays a pivotal role on various physiological processes in plants
Speaker:Dr. Masaru Ohme-Takagi
Date:2022-05-04 14:30
Place:A134、A133 (Synchronous Broadcasting)
5/5 BRC Seminar
Topic:The Genomic Basis of Pathogenicity in Fusarium solani Species Complex Infecting Sea Turtle
Speaker:Ms. Zhi Wei Hoh
Date:2022-05-05 10:00 ~ 11:00
Place:Auditorium, 1st Floor, Interdisciplinary Research Building


Detrimental practices in scholarly publishing: the case of predatory journals
Date: 2022-05-06 9:00 p.m.
Organized by: EBSCO Information Services

Important Research

Uninvited guests
Phytoplasmas are prokaryotic plant pathogens that colonize the sieve elements of their host plant, causing severe alterations in phloem function and impairment of assimilate translocation. In an ongoing collaboration between Simonetta Santi’s group from the Universitá degli Sudi in Udine (Italy) and Wolfgang Schmidt’s team, the researchers showed that in Fe-deficient plants phytoplasma infection perturbed the Fe deficiency response in roots, possibly by interference with the synthesis or transport of a promotive signal transmitted from the leaves to the roots (BMC Genomics 20: 703). Recently, the two groups teamed up to investigate effects of ‘Ca.P. solani’ infection on mineral element allocation. The study revealed that the response to phytoplasma includes significant changes in the homeostasis of ions such as K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe2+ and Mn2+ and dramatic alterations in the expression of related transmembrane transporters in the host plant......
HISTONE DEACETYLASE15 participates in nitrogen deficiency- and sucrose-induced anthocyanin biosynthesis
Dr. Ming-Hsiun Hsieh’s laboratory reported that nitrogen deficiency- and sucrose-induced anthocyanin biosynthesis was modulated by HISTONE DEACETYLASE15 (HDA15) in Arabidopsis. Nitrogen deficiency, high sucrose, and methyl jasmonate, but not H2O2 and phosphate starvation, enhanced anthocyanin accumulation by increasing histone acetylation and expression of anthocyanin biosynthetic and regulatory genes in the hda15 mutant. HDA15 may modulate anthocyanin biosynthesis under certain stress conditions.
Mating-driven variability in olfactory local interneuron wiring
Variations in neuronal connectivity occur widely in nervous systems from invertebrates to mammals. Yet, it is unclear how neuronal variability originates, to what extent and at what timescales it exists, and what functional consequences it might carry. Using genetic labeling and electron microscopy connectomics, we show that an identified inhibitory olfactory local interneuron, TC-LN, exhibits extraordinary variability in its glomerular innervation patterns. TC-LN’s innervation of the VL2a glomerulus is sexually dimorphic, is influenced by female’s courtship experience, and correlates with food intake in mated females. Mating also affects output connectivity of TC-LN to specific local interneurons. We propose that mating-associated variability of TC-LNs regulates how food odor is interpreted by an inhibitory network to modulate feeding......
Moss-fungal interactions reveal the trophic flexibility of fungi and the positive effects on moss growth
All plants harbor diverse microorganisms, including endophytic fungi living inside plants without causing apparent symptoms. Although mosses are present in all terrestrial environments and represent one of the earliest plant lineages adapted to terrestrial life, their interactions with fungi are often overlooked......
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