Exhibition Application Guidelines

  • Purpose
    • To encourage and promote culture of science education and environmental education for all general population
  • Eligibility
    • Professionals of social education institutes、Schools and Comapnies
  • Application procedures
    • Submit the completed application form
    • Applicant(s) will receive notification of the results by email or phone
  • Exhibition Schedule
    • Exhibition will run from three to four months as determined by LSL
    • Approved applicant(s) should follow the exhibition schedule determined by LSL. If the schedule is failed to match, the applicant(s) must inform LSL one month prior to the exhibition. The applicant(s) may not submit any application in the next year if LSL is not informed in time
  • Terms & Conditions (MANDATORY)
    • The layout of the exhibition must be completed one day prior to the exhibition and dismantled immediately after the exhibition
    • LSL is responsible for the costs of printing and transport
    • During the exhibition period, the exhibitor and LSL shall take joint custody of the safety of the works. LSL will not be held liable for any force majeure or damage due to works, production or poor installation. Any valuable and fragile works require protective measures from the exhibitor in consideration of safety
  • Floor Plan
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