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Period : 2022-04-11 ~ 2022-04-18
Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (VII) : Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics – 2019
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in COVID-19
Applications of Bioinformatics in Rice Research
Bioinformatics in Rice Research : Theories and Techniques
Biosurfactants: Greener Surface Active Agents for Sustainable Future : Microbial Surfactants
Computational Epidemiology : Data-Driven Modeling of COVID-19
Encyclopedia of maritime and offshore engineering
Environmental Biotechnology Volume 4
Extracellular Matrix Biomineralization of Dental Tissue Structures
Genetic Enhancement in Major Food Legumes : Advances in Major Food Legumes
Heat Shock Proteins of Malaria
Microbial Products for Health, Environment and Agriculture
Microbial Technology for Sustainable Environment
Neglected and Underutilized Crops - Towards Nutritional Security and Sustainability
Network Pharmacology
Nuclear Receptors : The Art and Science of Modulator Design and Discovery
Nutraceuticals and Cancer Signaling : Clinical Aspects and Mode of Action
Pharmacology of Potassium Channels
Phenolic Antioxidants in Foods: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Analysis
Plant, Soil and Microbes in Tropical Ecosystems
Principles of physiology for the anaesthetist
Recombinant Protein Expression: Prokaryotic Hosts and Cell-Free Systems
Regulatory Toxicology
RNA Modification Enzymes
Selenoprotein Structure and Function
Stevens' handbook of experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience
The Wild Solanums Genomes
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