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Period : 2022-08-15 ~ 2022-08-22
Aflatoxins in Food : A Recent Perspective
Agricultural Biotechnology: Latest Research and Trends
Animal Behaviour : An Evolutionary Perspective
Anthocyanins : Chemistry, Processing & Bioactivity
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Alzheimer's Disease : Advances in Research
Biophysics of Insect Flight
Biotechnological Advances in Aquaculture Health Management
Common Chinese Materia Medica Volume 1
Common Chinese Materia Medica Volume 2
Common Chinese Materia Medica Volume 3
Common Chinese Materia Medica Volume 5
Common Chinese Materia Medica Volume 9
Coronavirus Therapeutics – Volume I Basic Science and Therapy Development
Ecophysiology and Biochemistry of Cyanobacteria
Eye-Tracking with Python and Pylink
GeNeDis 2020 : Genetics and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Genomics of Crucifer’s Host-Resistance
Machine Vision and Augmented Intelligence—Theory and Applications : Select Proceedings of MAI 2021
Molecular Mechanism of Crucifer’s Host-Resistance
Mushrooms of Gujarat
Neglected Tropical Diseases - Europe and Central Asia
Neuroanatomy of Neuroendocrine Systems
Practical Guide to Life Science Databases
Quantile Regression in Clinical Research : Complete analysis for data at a loss of homogeneity
Salicylic Acid - A Versatile Plant Growth Regulator
Smart Nanomaterials in Biomedical Applications
Stem Cells in Veterinary Science
Stroke Revisited: Diabetes in Stroke
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