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Total:17 Records
Annals of physiological anthropology
分類 : 日本植物分類學會誌 Bunrui
日本水產学会誌 Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi. [Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries]
日本海洋学会誌 Journal of the Oceanographical Society of Japan
日本細菌學雜誌 Japanese journal of bacteriology
日本菌学会会報 Nihon Kingakkai Kaiho
植物防疫所調査研究報告 Research bulletin of the plant protection service, Japan
海洋と生物 Aquabiology
Printed:v.1(1979)-v.39(2017) [lack v.10(6)]
生物の科學.遺伝 Heredity
Printed:v.1(1947)-v.71(2017) [lack v.24, v.32, v.50(2-9)]
組織培養 Tissue culture
Printed:v.1(1975)-v.4(1)(1978), v.11(10)(1985)-v.19(11)(1993) [lack v.11(9), v.12(9), v.13(6,8), v.14(8), v.15(8,11), v.16(7), v.17(3,8,13), v.18(7), v.19(1,7)]
育種學雜誌 Japanese journal of breeding
蚕絲. 昆虫バイオテツク Sanshi-Konchu biotec
蛋白質.核酸.酵素 Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. [Protein, nucleic acid and enzyme]
Printed:v.24(12)(1979)-v.43(11)(1998) [lack v.25(4,6), v.26, v.27(1,2,6,12,15), v.28(5), v.29(12), v.30(7), v.31(4,9,13), v.32(6), v.33(5,9,12), v.34(5,9,12), v.35(4,7,8,14), v.36(3,7,13,14), v.37(3,7,11,14), v.38(3,7,11,15), v.39(4,5,7,11,15), v.40(1,3,4,6,10,14), v.41(4,5,7-10,12-16), v.42(1,3,5,7,10,14), v.43(4,8,12)]
遺傳學雜誌 Japanese journal of genetics
魚病研究 Fish pathology
魚類學雜誌(日文版) Japanese journal of ichthyology
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