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Total:599 Records
C&EN global enterprise
CA: A cancer journal for clinicians
Cactus and succulent journal
Calcified tissue international
Printed:Formerly: Calcified tissue research
Calcified tissue research
Printed:Continued by Calcified tissue international
California agriculture
Canadian geriatrics journal
Canadian journal of agricultural economics
Canadian journal of biochemistry
Canadian journal of biochemistry and cell biology
Canadian journal of biochemistry and physiology
Canadian journal of botany
Printed:v.43(1965)-v.78(2000) [lack v.57(14),v.75(1,2,4,6-12)]
Canadian journal of chemical engineering
Canadian journal of dietetic practice and research
Canadian journal of earth sciences
Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences
Printed:Formerly: Journal of the fisheries research board of Canada
Printed:v.37(1980)-v.49(1992) [lack v.49(9-10)]
Canadian journal of genetics and cytology
Canadian journal of microbiology
Printed:v.6(1960)-v.43(1997) [lack v.11(3), v.16(7-12)
Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology
Printed:v.62(1984)-v.75(1997) [lack v.73(8)]
Canadian journal of zoology
Printed:Continues: Canadian journal of research. Section D, Zoological sciences
Printed:v.38(1960)-v.69(1991) [lack v.45(2),v.57(10)]
Canadian medical association journal
Printed:Continued by: CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association Journal
Canadian pharmacists journal
Canadian plant disease survey
Cancer & metabolism
Cancer and metastasis reviews
Cancer biochemistry biophysics
Cancer biology & medicine
Cancer biotherapy
Printed:Continued by: Cancer biotherapy and radiopharceuticals
Printed:Formerly: Selected cancer therapeutics
Cancer biotherapy and radiopharmaceuticals
Printed:Formerly: Cancer biotherapy
Cancer causes & control
Cancer cell
Cancer cell & microenvironment
Cancer cell international
Cancer cells
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology
Cancer clinical trials
Cancer cytopathology
Cancer detection and prevention
Cancer discovery
Cancer drug delivery
Printed:Continued by: Selective cancer therapeutics
Cancer epidemiology
Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention
Cancer genetics
Cancer genetics and cytogenetics
Cancer immunity
Cancer immunology and immunotherapy
Printed:Continued by: Cancer immunology, immunotherapy
Cancer immunology research
Cancer immunology, immunotherapy
Printed:Formerly: Cancer immunology and immunotherapy
Cancer informatics
Cancer letters
Cancer management and research
Cancer medicine
Cancer nanotechnology
Cancer prevention research
Cancer reports
Cancer research
Cancer science
Printed:Formerly: Japanese journal of cancer research
Cancer translational medicine
Cancer treatment communications
Cancer treatment reviews
Carbohydrate polymers
Carbohydrate research
Printed:v.16(1971)-v.265(1994) [lack v.24(2), v.33-35]
Cardiology in review
Cardiology research and practice
Cardiovascular and interventional radiology
Cardiovascular diabetology
Cardiovascular diseases
Printed:Continued by: Texas Heart Institute journal
Cardiovascular drug reviews
Cardiovascular drugs and therapy
Cardiovascular pathology
Cardiovascular psychiatry and neurology
Cardiovascular radiation medicine
Cardiovascular radiology
Cardiovascular research
Cardiovascular revascularization medicine
Cardiovascular therapeutics
Cardiovascular ultrasound
Caribbean journal of science
Case reports in dermatology
Case reports in gastroenterology
Case reports in medicine
Case reports in nephrology and urology
Case reports in neurology
Case reports in oncology
Case reports in pancreatic cancer
Catalysis science & technology
Catalysts and catalysed reactions
Catheterization and cardiovascular diagnosis
Printed:Continued by: Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions
Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions
Printed:Formerly: Catheterization and cardiovascular diagnosis
Cbe life sciences education
Printed:Formerly : Cell biology education
Cell and bioscience
Cell and chromosome
Cell and tissue research
Cell biochemistry and biophysics
Printed:Formerly : Cell biophysics
Cell biochemistry and function
Cell biology and toxicology
Cell biology education
Printed:Continued by : CBE Life Sciences Education
Cell biology international
Printed:Formerly: Cell Biology International Reports
Cell Biology International Reports
Printed:Continued by: Cell biology international
Cell biology international reports
Cell Biophysics
Printed:Continued by: Cell biochemistry and biophysics
Cell calcium
Cell chemical biology
Cell communication and adhesion
Cell communication and signaling
Cell cycle
Cell death & disease
Cell death and differentiation
Cell death discovery
Cell differentiation
Cell differentiation and development
Cell division
Cell host & microbe
Cell metabolism
Cell motility
Printed:Continued by: Cell motility and the cytoskeleton
Cell motility and the cytoskeleton
Printed:Continued by: Cytoskeleton
Printed:Formerly: Cell motility
Cell preservation technology
Printed:Continued by: Biopreservation and biobanking
Cell proliferation
Cell regeneration
Cell reports
Cell research
Cell stem cell
Cell structure and function
Cell systems
Cell transplantation
Cells tissues organs
Cellular and molecular biology
Cellular and molecular biology research
Cellular and molecular gastroenterology and hepatology
Cellular and molecular life sciences
Printed:Formerly: Experientia
Cellular and molecular neurobiology
Cellular immunology
Cellular oncology
Cellular physiology and biochemistry
Cellular reprogramming
Printed:Formerly: Cloning and stem cells
Cellular signalling
Central nervous system trauma
Printed:Continued by: Journal of neurotrama
Cerebral cortex
Cerebrospinal fluid research
Cerebrovascular diseases extra
Chang Gung medical journal
Chelonian conservation and biology
Chem-bio informatics journal
Chemical and biological technologies in agriculture
Chemical biology and drug design
Printed:Formerly : Journal of peptide research
Chemical communications
Chemical engineering journal and the biochemical engineering journal
Chemical health and safety
Chemical physics
Chemical physics letters
Chemical record
Chemical research in toxicology
Chemical reviews
Chemical science
Chemical senses
Chemical society reviews
Chemical speciation & bioavailability
Chemical vapor deposition
Chemico-biological interactions
Chemie der Erde - Geochemistry
Chemie in unserer zeit
Chemistry & biodiversity
Chemistry & biology
Chemistry and physics of lipids
Chemistry central journal
Chemistry of materials
Chemistry: a European journal
Chemistry: an Asian journal
Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems
Chesapeake science
Child & youth care forum
Child & youth care quarterly
Child and adolescent mental health
Child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health
Child care quarterly
Child development
Child development perspectives
Child psychiatry and human development
Child's nervous system
China agricultural economic review‎
Chinese birds: an international journal of ornithology
Chinese chemical letters
Chinese drug monographs and analysis
Printed:v.3(2001)-v.7(2006) [lack no.30-34]
Chinese journal of analytical chemistry
Chinese journal of chemistry
Chinese journal of digestive diseases
Printed:Continued by: Journal of Digestive Diseases
Chinese journal of integrated traditional and Western medicine
Chinese journal of integrative medicine
Chinese journal of physiology
Chinese journal of radiology
Chinese journal of traumatology
Chinese medicine
Chinese medicine
Chirurgia plastica
Chromosome botany
Chromosome research
Chromosome science
Circulation research
Clean: soil air water
Clinica chimica acta
Clinical & developmental immunology
Clinical & experimental metastasis
Clinical & translational immunology
Clinical anatomy
Clinical and applied immunology reviews
Clinical and diagnostic laboratory immunology
Printed:Continued by : clinical and vaccine immunology
Clinical and diagnostic virology
Printed:Continued as Journal of Clinical Virology
Clinical and experimental allergy
Clinical and experimental dermatology
Clinical and experimental hypertension (1978)
Clinical and experimental hypertension. Part A, Theory and practice
Clinical and experimental hypertension. Part B, Hypertension in pregnancy
Clinical and experimental medicine
Clinical and experimental ophthalmology
Printed:Formerly: Australian and New Zealand journal of ophthalmology
Clinical and experimental optometry
Clinical and experimental pharmacology and physiology
Clinical and investigative medicine
Clinical and laboratory haematology
Printed:Continued by: International journal of laboratory hematology
Clinical and molecular allergy
Clinical and translational gastroenterology
Clinical and translational medicine
Clinical and translational radiation oncology
Clinical and vaccine immunology
Printed:Formerly: Clinical and diagnostic laboratory immunology
Clinical biochemistry
Clinical biomechanics
Clinical cancer research
Clinical cardiology
Clinical chemistry
Clinical chiropractic
Clinical cornerstone
Clinical drug investigation
Clinical effectiveness in nursing
Clinical endocrinology
Clinical epigenetics
Clinical ethics
Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology
Clinical genetics
Clinical immunology
Printed:Formerly known as Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology
Clinical immunology and immunopathology
Printed:Continued as Clinical Immunology
Clinical immunology newsletter
Clinical implant dentistry and related research
Clinical infectious diseases
Clinical investigator
Printed:Continued by: Journal of molecular medicine
Printed:Formerly: Klinische Wochenschrift
Clinical journal of pain
Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology : CJASN
Clinical kidney journal
Clinical linguistics and phonetics
Clinical lipidology
Clinical Mass Spectrometry
Clinical microbiology and infection
Clinical microbiology newsletter
Clinical microbiology reviews
Clinical molecular pathology
Printed:Continued by: Molecular pathology
Clinical neurology and neurosurgery
Clinical neuropharmacology
Clinical neurophysiology
Printed:Formerly known as Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology; Incorporating Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology/Electromyography and Motor Control and Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology/Evoked Potentials Section
Clinical neurophysiology practice
Clinical neuroscience research
Clinical nuclear medicine
Clinical nutrition
Clinical nutrition supplements
Clinical oncology
Clinical oral implants research
Clinical otolaryngology
Printed:Formerly : Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences
Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences
Printed:Continued by: Clinical otolaryngology
Clinical ovarian and other gynecologic cancer
Clinical pediatric emergency medicine
Clinical pharmacology & therapeutics
Clinical physics and physiological measurement
Printed:Continued by: Physiological measurement
Clinical physiology
Clinical physiology and functional imaging
Printed:Formerly: Clinical physiology
Clinical plasma medicine
Clinical practice and epidemiology in mental health
Clinical proteomics
Clinical psychology & psychotherapy
Clinical psychology review
Clinical psychology: science and practice
Clinical radiology
Clinical research and regulatory affairs
Clinical respiratory journal
Clinical reviews in allergy
Printed:Continued by: Clinical reviews in allergy and immunology
Clinical reviews in allergy and immunology
Printed:Formerly : Clinical reviews in allergy
Clinical rheumatology
Clinical sarcoma research
Clinical teacher
Clinical techniques in small animal practice
Clinical therapeutics
Clinical transplantation
Clinics in dermatology
Printed:Continued by: Cloning and stem cells
Cloning and stem cells
Printed:Continued by: Cellular reprogramming
Printed:Formerly : Cloning
CMAJ : Canadian medical association journal
Printed:Formerly : Canadian Medical Association journal
CNS drug reviews
Printed:Continued by: CNS neuroscience and therapeutics
CNS neuroscience and therapeutics
Printed:Formerly: CNS drug reviews
Cognitive brain research
Cognitive psychology
Cognitive science
Cognitive systems research
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology
Printed:v.1(1933)-v.80(2015)[lack v.11-12,v.19,v.25,v.48](See 索書號QH301/C688)
Coleopterists Society monographs Patricia Vaurie series
Colloid and polymer science
Printed:Formerly: Kolloid-Zeitschrift and Zeitschrift fur Polymere
Colloids and surfaces. A, physicochemical and engineering aspects
Colloids and surfaces. B, biointerfaces
Printed:Formerly part of Colloids and Surfaces
Colombian journal of anesthesiology
Colonial waterbirds
Colorectal disease
Combinatorial chemistry - an online journal
Combustion and flame
Communicative and integrative biology
Community dentistry and oral epidemiology
Community genetics
Printed:Continued by: Public health genomics
Community medicine
Comparative and functional genomics
Printed:Issued in 2000 as an affiliated section of: Yeast
Comparative biochemistry and physiology
Printed:Split into: Comparative biochemistry and physiology A, B, C
Comparative biochemistry and physiology A: comparative physiology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology A: molecular and integrative physiology
Printed:Formerly: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Physiology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology A: physiology
Printed:Continued by: Part A, Molecular and integrative physiology
Printed:Formerly: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Comparative physiology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology B : biochemistry and molecular biology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology B: comparative biochemistry
Printed:Continued by: Comparative biochemistry and physiology B, Biochemistry and molecular biology
Printed:Continues in part: Comparative biochemistry and physiology, and adopts its numbering
Comparative biochemistry and physiology C: comparative pharmacology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology C: comparative pharmacology and toxicology
Printed:Continued by: Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Pharmacology, toxicology, and endocrinology
Printed:Continues: Comparative biochemistry and physiology. C, Comparative pharmacology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology C: pharmacology, toxicology and endocrinology
Printed:Formerly known as Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Endocrinology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology C: toxicology and pharmacology
Printed:Formerly known as Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Endocrinology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology D: genomics and proteomics
Comparative clinical pathology
Comparative cytogenetics
Comparative haematology international
Printed:Continued by: Comparative clinical pathology
Comparative immunology, microbiology and infectious diseases
Comparative medicine
Printed:Formerly: Laboratory animal science
Comparative parasitology
Complementary therapies in clinical practice
Complementary therapies in medicine
Complementary therapies in nursing and midwifery
Comprehensive psychiatry
Comprehensive reviews in food science and food safety
Comptes rendus biologies
Printed:Formerly known as Comptes rendus de l'Academie des Sciences - eries III - Sciences de la Vie
Comptes rendus de l'Academie des Sciences - eries III - Sciences de la Vie
Printed:Continued as Comptes Rendus Biologies
Computational & theoretical chemistry
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine
Computational and structural biotechnology journal
Computational and theoretical polymer science
Computational biology
Computational biology and chemistry
Computational intelligence and neuroscience
Computational molecular bioscience
Computational toxicology
Computer aided surgery
Computer applications in the biosciences(CABIOS)
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine
Computer programs in biomedicine
Computerized medical imaging and graphics
Computers & chemical engineering
Computers and biomedical research
Printed:Continued as Journal of Biomedical Informatics
Computers and chemistry
Computers and electronics in agriculture
Computers in human behavior
Concepts in magnetic resonance
Printed:Split into: Concepts in magnetic resonance. Part A & B
Concepts in magnetic resonance. Part A, Bridging education and research
Concepts in magnetic resonance. Part B, magnetic resonance engineering
Conditional Reflex
Printed:Continued by: Pavlovian journal of biological science
Congenital anomalies
Congenital heart disease
Congestive heart failure
Consciousness and cognition
Conservation biology in practice
Conservation ecology
Conservation in Practice
Conservation physiology
Contact dermatitis
Contemporary clinical trials
Continental journal of agricultural economics
Continental journal of agricultural science
Continental journal of agronomy
Continental shelf research
Continuing education in anaesthesia critical care & pain
Contributions to zoology
Controlled clinical trials
Printed:Continued as Contemporary Clinical Trials
Coordination chemistry reviews
Coral reefs
Corrosion Science
CPT: pharmacometrics & systems pharmacology
CRC critical reviews in biochemistry = Critical reviews in biochemistry
Printed:Continued by: Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology
CRC critical reviews in microbiology
CRC critical reviews in toxicology
Criminal behaviour and mental health
Critical care medicine
Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology
Printed:Formerly: Critical reviews in biochemistry
Critical reviews in clinical laboratory sciences
Critical reviews in eukaryotic gene expression
Printed:v.5(1995)-v.18(2008), v.20(2010)-v.22(2012) [lack v.17(2)]
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition
Critical reviews in immunology
Printed:v.10(1990)-v.28(2008), v.30(2010)-v.32(2012) [lack v.13(1, 3, 4), v.17]
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology
Critical reviews in plant sciences
Critical values
Crop & pasture science
Crop breeding and applied biotechnology
Crop journal
Crop science
Printed:v.1(1961)-v.5(1)(1965),v.10(1970)-v.37(1997) [lack v.14(1),v.37(2,4-6)]
Crustaceana. supplement
Cryptogamie, Algologie
Cryptogamie, Bryologie
Cryptogamie, Mycologie
Crystal growth & design
Crystal research and technology
Culture agriculture food & environment
Culture, medicine and psychiatry
Current advances in plant science
Current anaesthesia & critical care
Current biology
Current biotechnology
Printed:v.9(1991)-v.23(2005) [lack v.16(7),v.18(7-12),v.19(7-12)]
Current cardiology reviews
Current chemical genomics
Current chemical genomics and translational medicine
Current developments in nutrition
Current diagnostic pathology
Current directions in psychological science
Current drug delivery
Current genetics
Current herpetology
Current medical research and opinion
Current medicinal chemistry
Current microbiology
Current obstetrics & gynaecology
Current oncology
Current opinion in allergy and clinical immunology
Current opinion in biomedical engineering
Current opinion in biotechnology
Current opinion in cardiology
Current opinion in cell biology
Current opinion in chemical biology
Current opinion in clinical nutrition and metabolic care
Current opinion in colloid & interface science
Current Opinion In Critical Care
Current opinion in endocrine and metabolic research
Current opinion in endocrinology & diabetes
Current opinion in environmental sustainability
Current opinion in food science
Current opinion in gastroenterology
Current opinion in genetics & development
Current opinion in hematology
Current opinion in immunology
Current opinion in infectious diseases
Current opinion in insect science
Current opinion in internal medicine
Current opinion in lipidology
Current opinion in microbiology
Current opinion in nephrology and hypertension
Current opinion in neurobiology
Current opinion in neurology
Current opinion in neurology and neurosurgery
Current opinion in obstetrics & gynecology
Current opinion in oncology
Current opinion in organ transplantation
Current opinion in pediatrics
Current opinion in pharmacology
Current opinion in physiology
Current opinion in plant biology
Current opinion in psychiatry
Current opinion in solid state and materials science
Current opinion in structural biology
Current Opinion in Systems Biology
Current Opinion in Toxicology
Current opinion in virology
Current orthopaedics
Current paediatrics
Current plant biology
Current problems in cancer
Current problems in cardiology
Current problems in dermatology
Current problems in diagnostic radiology
Current problems in pediatric and adolescent health care
Current problems in pediatrics
Current problems in surgery
Current protein & peptide science
Current protocols essential laboratory techniques
Current protocols in bioinformatics
Current protocols in cell biology
Current protocols in chemical biology
Current protocols in cytometry
Current protocols in human genetics
Current protocols in immunology
Current protocols in microbiology
Current protocols in molecular biology
Current protocols in mouse biology
Current protocols in neuroscience
Current protocols in nucleic acid chemistry
Current protocols in pharmacology
Current protocols in plant biology
Current protocols in protein science
Current protocols in stem cell biology
Current protocols in toxicology
Current psychological research
Printed:Continued by: Current Psychological Research and Reviews
Current psychological research and reviews
Printed:Continued by: Current psychology
Printed:Formerly: Current psychological research
Current psychology
Printed:Formerly: Current psychological research and reviews
Current research journal of biological sciences
Current science
Current surgery
Printed:Continued as Journal of Surgical Education
Current therapeutic research
Current topics in developmental biology
Current topics in membranes
Current topics in membranes and transport
Current topics in microbiology and immunology
Printed:(See 圖書區, 索書號請查詢館藏目錄)
Current zoology
Currents in pharmacy teaching & learning
Curtis's botanical magazine
Printed:From 1984 to 1994 incorporated into The Kew Magazine
Cyberpsychology, behavior, and social networking
Cytogenetic and genome research
Printed:Formerly: Cytogenetics and cell genetics
Cytogenetics and cell genetics
Cytokine and growth factor reviews
Printed:Formerly known as Progress in Growth Factor Research
Cytometry part A
Printed:Formerly : Cytometry
Cytometry part B : clinical cytometry
Printed:Formerly : Cytometry
Printed:Formerly: Cell motility and the cytoskeleton
Printed:Formerly merged with Methods in Cell Science (1975-2004)
Printed:Absorbed: Cytokines, celluar and molecular therapy
Czech mycology
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